Why I love my FitBit Flex. An honest review.

Why I love my FitBit Flex. An honest review.
Fitness is just part of who I am. I love it. I never dread it. I never feel like I have to. I hate to miss it. I know that makes me strange and somewhat odd…I'm okay with that! Although, I DO think I have become a bit more crazy nutty focused since I hit my 40's. A bit of fear. A bit of "oh no everything is changing". A bit of "I need to stay on top of this". I even recently became a BeachBody coach…but that's for another day :) I told you I was "focused"!

I have wanted craved desired hoped for one of these little trackers for some time. But admittedly, they are expensive. Pretty much a splurge item. When it came up on QVC as Today's Special Value with a flex pay option - yes I pay attention to QVC, don't judge - I snatched one up. Then I waited. Like 3 months waited. But since she has arrived (of course she's a she, duh!) we have been inseparable.

Why I love it.
  • It's not ugly. It could be skinnier. It could be cooler. I could design something more me to slip it into. But…in the meantime, other than sometimes feeling like I'm under house arrest, it somewhat blends. Add bangles and no one will even notice. Really. They don't.
  • It works. It tracks my steps. It tracks my mileage during exercise. It tracks my fitness level. It even tracks my sleep. Now THAT was eye opening. No pun intended. But I am NOT a good sleeper.
  • It's motivating. I want her to call me an "overachiever". I have to reach my step goal of 10,000 steps a day. I want to see my fitness level high. She's like a having a personal trainer, without having to go to the gym and feeling like an idiot.
  • It's easy to use. Basically it was a plug and play. Pretty much a no brainer. It charges via USB - and I've only had to charge mine twice. Once every 5-6 days. And the little tracking device USB plugs right into your computer. It tracks on your desktop/laptop and through an app on your phone.
  • It has a built in alarm. Set the alarm for whatever time. Tell it what days you want it to go off. And your wrist buzzes. No more annoying, stupid alarm clock! And trust me…you WILL feel it, and it will wake you up. It keeps buzzing on your wrist until you tap tap tap. Just don't lay back down.
  • You get badges. It's like stickers when you're little. Except I still like stickers…which is probably why I like badges. Badges like "overachiever", or "25 miles", or "15,000 steps". Badges are FUN!

What I don't like.
  • I hate wearing jewelry. Yup, my secret is out. And I never wear ANY at home. So this is a stretch for me to wear something 24/7. Not to mention the wearing to bed thing. Also, something to get used to. However, if you don't want to track your sleep…don't wear it. Problem solved.
  • I can't work in it. Every time I hammer it goes into sleep mode. They really should have had that in the warning label. Something like "detrimental to working goldsmiths". But whatever.
  • It buzzes when you reach your goal. This shouldn't be a problem. But it scares me EVERY time.
  • It's hard to hit 10,000 steps a day! That's a wimpy "I don't like", but it is!
  • I have a tough time putting the little FitBit component back into the wrist thingy. I'm sure this is just a me problem. But it takes me about 5 minutes. I think I'll put a sharpie dot on it to make it easier on moi!

this was an "overachiever" day. she actually sends me an email and gives me a badge!
I don't wear it in the shower even though it says water resistant.
I do take my phone to log exercise when I'm on a walk.
You just have to get used to the lights and buttons and what they mean. It's so not complicated!

FitBit flex runs about $99.00 and you can get them pretty much anywhere. If you use my Amazon link button, they give me pennies and dimes. I like that.

Needless to say, if you are into fitness or you are looking for some accountability. Put this on your want list. Maybe by the time you get one I'll have designed something fabulous and amazing to wear it with!

The FitBit flex is truly one of my favorite things. No one told me to say that. I bought my own. And I have nothing to give away. This is just me…telling you…about something I think is pretty sweet.


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