Winter Fashion Colors and Trends just in time for Christmas

Winter Fashion Colors and Trends just in time for Christmas
Trends and fashion and fads. Oh my.
Some of you stay ahead of the trends. You have your fashionable wardrobe planned out before the season starts. Others...ahem, like me...wing it and try to BE fashionable in the midst of the season.
So what's your must have colors and accessories for the season? I thought you would never ask!
The color scheme for winter carries over from fall and it is delicious! As you can see our color of the year, honeysuckle pink, has found its way into winter as well! I love that. A touch of pink can brighten up any dull winter wardrobe.
So what are your "must haves"?
Hat's are huge...and the fedora is back. A neutral basic color is best. Mine is gray and I love it...I wear it everywhere!
The color teal is hot...and so are dresses. InStyle Mag says skin tight is out - thank goodness - and flow-y is in. Can I get a hallelujah? I'm loving this teal slip dress from Free People. I think it's the perfect layering piece other dresses, or over leggings with a sweater. Possibilities? Endless! *and yes, I own it*
Boots for winter? First let's just say, even though I live in Michigan you cannot choose function over fashion all of the time. And knee high boots still remain popular! They work from skinny jeans to miniskirts with opaque tights. Mid height heel is best, and if you only buy one pair...go with jeans! (Stay tuned to read about my NEW favorite amazing....)
Feather trend? Still here. Don't care to look like a bird has nested in your hair...then what about earrings? These I love.
Over the knee socks. Still fabulous? Yes, but think thinner less chunky. More with skirts, less with jeans. I'm loving these. So adorable!
So what trend will you embrace for the winter?I'm going with the hat and boots, and the over the knee socks. And maybe the earrings. Oh shoot, I think I'll wear them all!
Enjoy the yourself....have fun with it!
xoxoxo, lisa

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