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About me!

I'm Lisa. Artist. Dreamer. Creative.

And I am SO glad you are here. I live and breathe creative. And guess what?

I want to help YOU embrace your creative side too...

I design jewelry for the creative in all of us...

...real people with beautiful souls and a passion to feed that artistic, bohemian, free spirit side of themselves.

Maybe you're looking to ...

  • wear trends without looking too young.
  • wear something that makes you feel empowered
  • live a beautiful colorful life
  • allow the artistic side of you to shine
  • find a unique piece that stands out
  • dress up that corporate attire and make it truly "you"

I understand exactly how you feel!

I have wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember. Always creating. Always making. Always dreaming. My career began as a graphic designer. It allowed me to stay at home with my then four small children. But something was missing. I NEEDED to make. I needed to get my hands dirty.

This is how my adventures in jewelry began. Basically, I found my passion when I first put a torch in my hand. I am completely enamored and slightly in love with "playing with fire."

But...I wanted it to be more than "just jewelry".

  • I KNOW what it's like to redefine who you are.
  • To become who you are supposed to be.
  • To add a new dimension to yourself as you discover your true self.
  • To live authentically.

THAT is why I design for you. I want you to embrace who you are. To feel special and empowered!  I want you to find joy and beauty in each day. And I truly believe sometimes putting on that one amazing piece of jewelry can be a small but mighty step.

Jewelry design is what I do. But it's the people I design for, and the connections I make every day that make my heart soar.

With each design, I am thinking of the story behind the piece. Who will be wearing this? What will it make her feel?  I believe this is my God-given talent. And I MUST share that with the world. To be able to create in this way is such a gift!

My designs focus on simple lines, sexy curves and amazing ethically sourced gemstones. Caring for our planet is VERY important to me and my studio practices reflect that.

I like to think of my jewelry as...

  • fashionable
  • wearable
  • timeless
  • sleek and modern with a bohemian vibe
  • decidedly feminine.

About me...

  • I'm a mom. 4 kids plus a new daughter in law.
  • I'm a dog lover. 3 golden retrievers. Hate the hair. Adore my girls.
  • I'm a chocolate-o-holic. Dark and darker. But aging means less indulging.
  • I'm a wine aficionado wanna be. Red in winter. White in summer.
  • I'm definitely a pen snob. The perfect pen is my jam.
  • I'm a photographer by training. Love the capture. Handy when it comes to my jewels.
  • I'm a dreamer. Often my head is in the clouds. Thinking. Designing. Imagining. Dreams challenge me!
  • I'm addicted to laughing and being real. Ask my friends. I'm a dork. I make fun of myself often!
  • And I draw. A lot. In fact, I'm incorporating my sketches into a new line!

design illustrations for jewelry design

Thank you for stopping by...I am truly grateful you are here. Take a look at some of my newest creations by clicking here.

xoxo, lisa


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