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About Lisa Lehmann Designs

Owner. Artist. Designer. Lisa J. Lehmann is a naturally creative spirit.  Her passion for life is evident in everything she does.

Lisa wanted to be an artist for as long as she could remember. Fascinated with making and always more comfortable with a pen or a brush in her hand.

Her journey into jewelry making was organic. After a successful career as a graphic artist, Lisa found her creativity stifled. She wanted to "make". To use her hands. The dabble in jewelry making began. And it stuck. Lisa was completely enamored and slightly in love with "playing with fire."

Lisa's eye for beauty in all things is reflected in her unique ability conceptualize and design each piece of artisan jewelry. When designing, Lisa is always thinking of the story behind the piece.

"Who will get to wear this design? What will they wear it to? How will they feel?"

Her designs focus on simple lines, sexy curves and amazing ethically sourced gemstones.

Each design is meticulously handcrafted Grand Haven, Michigan studio. Lisa Lehmann Designs commitment to the environment is evident in their use of 100% recycled metals, as well as genuine fair trade gemstones.  

The result? Fashionable, wearable, timeless designs that are both sleek and modern, a bohemian vibe and decidedly feminine.

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