10 Random Things About Me... lisa lehmann ... the bead girl

Here are 10 random facts about me...
that you might find interesting or at least entertaining!
  1. My favorite color is PURPLE. Although I don't wear purple...and I rarely design purple jewelry. Weird!
  2. Secret pleasure? Peanut butter.
  3. I hate the phone. I hate talking on the phone. I hate answering the phone. I hate hearing the phone ring. I will literally get sick thinking about having to call someone, even someone I know really, really well. I'm SURE there is some strange phobia out there that I have that can be named. If not...I shall name it Phone-a-phobia. Catchy huh?
  4. I need to wash my sheets every Saturday. It's a bit of a compulsion...but I LOVE climbing into clean sheets that smell of GAIN!
  5. I can't stand wearing jewelry in the house. I take off EVERY single piece when I come home!
  6. I hate feet. They gross me out. Seriously!
  7. I love listening to Classical music. It soothes my soul.
  8. I love the way every muscle aches the day after a good workout.
  9. My mother wanted to name me Amy Jo. Amy Jo? What was she thinking? Thank you to my siblings for choosing a better, although very popular name!
  10. I played basketball in high school - I was the point guard (at 5'10") and fouled out of 50% of my games. Can you say aggressive?
Now...tell me something random about YOU! xoxoxo, lisa

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