Thankful Thursday - they were grateful for me!

Thankful Thursday... exercise in being grateful! I received an envelope in the mail yesterday brimming full of...something. I was excited to open it, who doesn't like "fun mail"? But I had NO idea what it could be! Needless to say, it took my breath away! Two weeks ago, the day AFTER I came home from Florida, I had to travel 40 minutes to a charter school and teach two classes on jewelry making and metal-smithing to 6th graders. I LOVE to teach, but I was tired and a bit overwhelmed at hitting reality, and possibly grouchy about the whole idea. Once I got there, the kids were so awesome...I, of course, loved EVERY minute of it. And apparently they did too...because this was my package....
So on this Thankful Thursday a day for expressing gratitude I am thankful for....
...6th graders...
Teaching them brought me so much joy, and reading how much THEY enjoyed it...well, that is just icing on the cake! Here are some of the things they adorable....
  • "I especially love how you were so humorous!" (that cracks me up!)
  • "I love how 'indendante' you let us be!" (I am assuming they meant independent!"
  • "YOU ROCK!" (tell my kids!)
  • "I wear my necklace all the time!" (yay!)
  • "It's really fun hitting stuff on an anvil!" (oh yeah baby!)
  • "I'd rather have jewelry class than science." (um, yup, me too!)
  • "I love what you do for a living." (me too!)
  • "I hope to become like you someday." (awww...that makes me smile)
  • "You showed that women can do things men can do too and that's awesome!" :)
  • "I think I found my career!" (I love that!)
  • "You are so good at teaching kids how to make jewelry!" (that made me smile!)
So what is ONE thing you are grateful for TODAY? ONE THING from the past week. ONE THING. It doesn't have to be something huge. It doesn't have to be something with a huge WOW factor. But something YOU are grateful for.

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