A dress 3 ways - the teenager version.

A dress 3 ways - the teenager version.
"Mom, we have a little extra time. We could just SEE what Target has for spring."
She really knows how to pull those strings. And she knew it was just "us", so she kinda had me. And Target? Hello. I'm a sucker for Target!
Isabel is my sporty girl. She loves her skinny jeans. But she also loves to dress up every once in awhile. Not too much. It still needs to fit "her style". Side Bar. Since when do 13 year olds get to have "a style"? Oh wait, these are my children! *slaps head*
Anyway...she loves long skirts and maxi dresses and Target had racks full of them. After a couple quick try on's...we settled on this sweet little grey dress . Heather grey - high low maxi dress - with a touch of lace, $27.99. Seriously, it is perfect for her.
But one cannot JUST put on a dress. It must be styled. Must it not?
I gave her 3 easy ways to wear her dress to school, or church, or even out to the mall. It's that versatile. And really, a girl CAN'T wear skinny jeans all the time!
* hint hint, this means you Isabel! *
Here is the dress styled super sporty and basic. A bunch of cute beaded bracelets. A head scarf for color and fun. And these adorable canvas tennies, also from Target! No need for a necklace or earrings. We kept it simple around her sweet face.
Then there are her boho moments. Where she wants to embrace her more creative, thoughtful side. We added a cute knit hat and wrapped a coordinating scarf around her neck a few times. And a jean jacket for color...not to mention warmth. Brrrr.
I layered on bangles of all textures, and finished the outfit with metallic flats.
Cute, yes?
Last outfit. Isabel is not my "cowgirl" but we've spent enough time around barns and horses that she has learned that cowboy boots are not just necessary, they are fashionable. And sometimes they just. do. the. trick.
She has this crazy awesome hair with a pink streak in the back underneath. It looks amazing in this side swept french braid...add a little headband...perfection!
I love the wide belt and the striped sweater. It gives her a waist. It keeps her warm. And. The contrast of texture and stripes takes the whole ensemble up a notch.
This might be my favorite outfit. Maybe because those are MY boots! :)
And she's not the only one who got some awesome goodies at Target...check out these shoes I picked up for me! I'm obsessed! And at 19.99, I can afford to be!
So, which outfit do you like the best?

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