Boot Perfection. And an amazing giveaway from CAT Footwear and Wolverine Worldwide

Boot Perfection. And an amazing giveaway from CAT Footwear and Wolverine Worldwide
Is it possible I can talk about boots too much? Ok really...I can stop...if I want to. I mean, I heard a comedian go on and on for almost 10 minutes talking about bacon. And don't get me wrong, I like bacon just as much as you...but it's hardly as interesting as BOOTS! Maybe they should write an Oscar song for me... "we saw your boots." Back on track. The perfect boot. Is there one? Maybe this is the true reason I have so many. It's my quest. The quest to find "the one" that will fill all my needs. The perfect boot needs to be well-made. The highest quality materials. Sturdy construction. And incredibly fashionable. The perfect boot needs to go from jeans to skirts - from winter to summer. Me? I basically go from boots to flip-flops and flip-flops to boots. But what if there was a pair of boots that actually COULD take you into the spring and summer? What if that pair actually existed? Last year I fell in love with these boots from CAT Footwear by Wolverine Worldwide. And so did you. We were all surprised that a company known for their workboots would be so cutting edge trendy. And not only that, these boots are so well-made I could live in them. A boot that has only gotten better with age. And I love them as much today as I did last year. So imagine my sheer delight when Wolverine Company Store asked me to review another pair of CAT Footwear boots for them? I didn't think it would be possible for me to find a pair I loved quite as much. Ready for this? I was wrong! The Corrine boot by CAT Footwear is pure awesome. It is a perfect balance between leather and canvas. Tall, rich, beautiful.
From supercasual to dressy. From skinny jeans to skirts. Best part? From winter to summer. I paired my boots with tights and a dress, because quite frankly, it's freezing outside. But once spring and summer time comes, I will just as easily wear them with a sundress, or a jean skirt and BARE legs. Yay, warm weather is coming!
dress Francescas. headband FreePeople. Tights Old Navy.'s mine :)
It's the canvas part of these boots that makes them so transitional into the other seasons. It's something I just haven't seen before. I chose Brown. But they are available in a deep Sienna brown and black. The details. Are you seeing all these luscious details? Buckles and straps and glen plaid lining. Oh my. And see how soft and flexible?
Perfect with skinny jeans and a flow-y tunic top.
jeans Old Navy Flirt - tunic Old Navy - jewelry MINE!
And when warmer weather comes, straight jeans and a sheer white peasant blouse.
jeans - straight Levi's - peasant blouse - Old Navy - why was I spinning? no idea!
How would you style them?? xoxoxxxoxooo lisa

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