My favorite hand product on the planet

My favorite hand product on the planet
Winter is brutal on hands. Being a mom is brutal on hands. Being a goldsmith is brutal on hands. Key word? You guessed it. Brutal.
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My hands are always a hot mess. Chapped. Dry. Cracked.
But not this year! Uh uh. I have a secret weapon!
Last year, about this time, I mentioned this hand system by Mary Kay as one of my favorite things. At that time I was still fairly new to its miracle like properties!
One year in. It's even MORE of a favorite. I literally could not live without it. In the summer I use it as needed. In the winter….daily.
Three step process. Soften. Cleanse. Exfoliate. Minutes. You have minutes, right? I mean your hands are worth it, right?
I was in process of launching my website last year…but along with a move and a struggle with depression…it just didn't happen.
Lisa, is my Mary Kay guru, connect with her and let her hook you up. I mean seriously, hand modeling agency's across the country are battling over who gets to use my sexy hands! Ok, not really…but they should…I mean a working woman's hands should have some place of honor in this world. Yup, rambling.
Ready? Set! GO! and a high five…since my hands are all fab and stuff!

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