What to wear with leggings part 1 - fashion tip tuesday

What to wear with leggings part 1 - fashion tip tuesday
I had grandiose plans to take stellar fashion photos of wonderful ways to wear your new favorite leggings. (you did get a pair right?) Then I remembered I have this full time gig as a goldsmith and Valentines Day is right around the corner! *slaps head…doh!*
Not to mention my kids are home for yet ANOTHER snow day. That makes SEVEN since the beginning of the year. SEVEN. Not kidding. I should have just continued homeschooling…then they might actually graduate on time.
But enough about me. This is about you. And your legs. Well, not specifically your legs. Geesh, you know what I mean!
The first tip in searching for the perfect way to top off your leggings is think "tunic" - not toga - very different. Basically, longer…past the hips.
At Nordstrom I found this super cute long sweatshirt that is on sale for $14.97! It's the same brand as the one I'm wearing in my photo. This look is perfect for "hanging around". Comfortable. Coffee shop worthy. I was heading to the studio that day. So this becomes work attire for me. Add some furry warm boots and boot socks. Sold!
Another favorite look is a long denim shirt. I'll admit...I had to search long and hard to find the perfect one. Not too narrow. Not too short. Long enough sleeves. The one I found is just ok…but this one at Forever 21 would be perfect…and at under $25? DEAL! Add leggings. Short booties and a colorful scarf. Not a fan of the short boots? Then go tall. Either works really well!
I live in cardigans. They are my go to layering piece. And they are wonderful with leggings. Booty covered! Now just happens to be an AWESOME time to snag a few cardi's…they are on sale everywhere!
#1 from BlueFly.com - LOVE them!
#2 from H&M. I'm in love with this sweater. It looks sooooooo comfy. $24.95! #winning
#3 from AltardState.com - forgive me for introducing you to them….your wallet is empty now…you're welcome! But seriously…how classy is this sweater? Tall boots. Long necklace. (please don't forget a shirt!)
This is just the beginning!
Remember a the rules and you will be rocking out the leggings in NO time.
  1. Cover thine crotch.
  2. Wear long tops. Tunics. Long sweaters. Long button downs. Again…think LONG. Get it?
  3. Add boots. You can wear flats…but boots make them look more like real pants. Ah…the deception!
  4. With boots. Add boot socks or cuffs. We all know how much I adore these, right? You don't? Click here to read about my love of boot socks!
  5. Accessorize. Draw attention up? Scarves around your neck. Headbands. Earrings. Something.
  6. So you think you have big legs or you are too old? Phooey. Black is your friend. The end.
Next week, I'll try some snag some "real life" photos for you. But for now. Take a chance. Buy something long. Let me know what you find. Comments are nice.
Love you bunches….

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