A little weekend fashion and style

A little weekend fashion and style
As you might be aware, yesterday was Mother's Day. And as I said on my Facebook page, I realize that Mother's Day is not a happy day for all woman. There are a lot of hurting people out there when it comes to thinking about their own moms, or being a mom, or wanting to be a mom, or for many other reasons. I really want to be sensitive to that. I want you to know my heart hurts for you. I want you to know you are loved.
For me?
Yesterday I just wanted to BE with my family. I didn't require anything elaborate. I just wanted to soak them in, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But yesterday, they really pulled it together (for the most part) and we had a great day. They even acquiesced for photos...which CAN be a really big deal {{ahem, Noah, this means you!}}
This photo makes me laugh. Here's my family on Mother's Day 10 years ago...and today! Just a few changes!
Sunday fashion - since Saturday was spent sitting on bleachers at double header softball and baseball games wrapped up in multiple layers and blankets. NOT fashionable at all...but yet, somewhat warm!
Friday I took my son suit shopping for prom. Yikes! While I was waiting for him to arrive I did a quickie stop in at one of my favorite stores. H & M. I love this store for a lot of reasons. It's fun and trendy. It's inexpensive. They cater to woman of all sizes. And my whole family can shop there.
I found this "totes adorbs" lace top (which I think is supposed to be a dress...a very short dress!) I decided it made for a great tunic. Paired with some capri black leggings (H&M has great staple items like leggings) and some flats. It was about the easiest outfit in the world to pull together. And I love it. Top and leggings total? Under $40. Plus I got a $5 gift card for spending over $30. BONUS!
Accessories. Since the outfit is pretty basic I really played up the arm candy. I used my Earth Day bracelet in black as the grounding point and then just added layers. I mixed in copper bangles to go with my long journey necklace. I think it made the whole look a bit more playful and fun. Love my Steve Madden flats, the metal on the bows pulled it all together!
And since it was a super chilly Sunday - I paired it with my leather jacket! Who doesn't just need a black leather jacket?
The girls went for a bit of fun and casual look. I love how they are embracing their own style!
Anneke - top H&M / shoes Payless / Hat somewhere in Indy!
Isabel - top H&M / blazer Kohls / shoes Target
Tahlia - top Target / shoes Payless
When I asked for them to really show me their outfits, they both did this simultaneously. I have no idea where they get their weirdness from!
And then we were photo bombed. Yes, real men do wear pink - and top siders are all the rage. I really like Noah's look - apparently so does he! (shirt Target / pants Old Navy khakis / shoes Meijer, yes, Meijer!)
Needless to say, I had a great day. I look at our "people" and I can't believe how fast they are growing up. My husband and I said that often yesterday. It really is craziness.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to hit this week with everything you got! I'm heading to SNAG in Toronto on Wednesday! I'm super excited. And over the top nervous! All those talented jewelers in one place. Yikes! I plan on acting like a sponge and just soaking it all in! Wish me luck!
love and hugs,

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