A Studio flood. Time to make the lemonade.

A Studio flood. Time to make the lemonade.
Yup, it really did it again. The rain came down and the floods came up. My studio truly flooded again. Last night. Three inches of water. Things were floating. Not pretty. And although I could be really, really angry. And upset. Truly annoyed. Ticked off. And even discouraged. I'm TRYING to find the positive side in all of this. So I bring you... my Pollyanna moment. When life gives you lemons….yada yada yada…. The good thing about this flood it is…
  • My studio is moving anyway. Therefore this is a step one in "get organized" process.
  • I'm getting in extra workouts moving everything up and down the stairs.
  • I found leftover retired aka "vintage" StudioJewel necklaces so we can have another Instagram sale!
  • I got to clean the top of my bench!
  • And my lamps.
  • And my tools.
  • And my chair.
  • And my trays.
  • Etc etc etc - there was a lot of cleaning.
  • I found out I am more resilient than I used to be.
  • I discovered helpful teenagers who will come late at night (even when they are already in bed) to help mom.
  • I have a dedicated husband.
  • I have wonderful friends who came and set up fans and dehumidifiers ASAP!
  • I have a great church that cares about the space I am in.
  • Hopefully, I have an understanding customers who will understand when their order is a day or two late. :)
  • Jelly bellies taste really good when you're stressed out!
  • There are no mice in my studio. Because mice can't swim.
  • Neither can roaches.
  • When your back hurts from moving stuff, you forget your neck already hurt!
  • Most things will dry. Most.
  • My house is NOT flooded.
  • This is minor in the great scheme.
  • Rain means spring is coming!
So basically, I have nothing to complain about! My new space should be done soon and this will all be a very wet memory in the past! Now, pass the sugar…my lemonade is still a bit sour. And while you're at it…can I have some chocolate? Here are some lovely photos for you to peruse!
here is the water still coming in.
anneke demonstrating the water level outside my door…thus the reason it's coming inside. hmmmm….
I had begun to pack up to move…that didn't really work in my favor. Dog bed = trashed.
ahhhh…the drying process….
the morning after…no aspirin needed….just fans and dehumidifiers and patience.
xoxo lisa

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