The most amazing winter scarf you will ever own. My favorite thing.

The most amazing winter scarf you will ever own. My favorite thing.
I am so done with winter. I want to think about flip flops and maxi dresses. I want to pull my hair up because it's hot. I want to smell of sunscreen. I crave warmth.
It's still winter.
And currently….it's 7. SEVEN. There's not even two syllables in that word. Tragedy!
Again, I'm channeling every bit of my inner Pollyanna. I have to live in these frigid temps. I may as well embrace them. And not just embrace. Look amazing.
The solution. THIS. THIS scarf. Seriously friends. Oh my word.
I never leave the house without a scarf. Mostly it's for survival. But this? This goes way beyond survival. It looks amazing. So amazing….I leave it on when the coat comes off.
And can we talk wool? This is not your mama's hand knit scarf. Remember the one that scratched and itched? The one you wanted to just "lose" when it fell off at the bottom of the sledding hill? Ok, maybe that was just me…I digress. This might be the softest wool I have ever felt. Not kidding.
Shannon Miller Photography
But wait, there's more!
What I love most about this scarf, is I personally know the hands that made it. I love my handcrafted peeps out there. Pouring their lives into making. But this girl. This girl is a dear sweet friend. Not only is she the bomb-diggety when it comes to knitting (something me and my girlies have benefited from for years!) she is incredibly musical…and one of the kindest people I know. Genuine. Sweet. And a LOT of fun!
Her bio reads:
Ellen loves the Lord, loves to knit and loves her students (when they behave).
Yeah, she's a teacher too…a music teacher. That makes her like saint status or something! She knits up a storm…so I asked her, why this scarf? What inspired her? She said she had a friend that had the basic concept in mind…but could not find one anywhere. They worked together and VIOLA! The design for the Boston Harbor scarf was born! That's some good collaboration!
Shannon Miller Photography (recognize that face? Yup, that's my girl!)
But back to my scarf. You need one. You have winter left. You want to stay warm. You HAVE to stay warm. AND…you want to look amazing. If you buy ONE MORE winter accessory this year…this is it. I'm buying one for a gift….it will be so perfect for her! She's probably reading this now…bwahahhahahah…which one of you is it? :)
However, there's a catch. Ellen didn't say this…but I KNOW how time consuming the creation of this beauty is. I know how particular she is…down to choosing the "right" buttons. I mean LOOK AT THE BUTTONS! What I'm trying to say is…she can't make a million of these before the end of the season. Thus, the beauty of handcrafted! And…she's even offering us a discount! Bless her heart. So if you have any inclination…I would snag one right away. She has some in stock…but I know they go fast!
Shannon Miller Photography
Ellen shares her Etsy shop with another one of my amazingly talented friends - it's called CABLES AND BOWS. Go there and check out their goodies.
Aside from the goofy pictures of me loving on my scarf, the rest of the amazing photos are credited to the talented Shannon Miller. She happens to be Ellen's BFF and one of my closest friends too. We are all about sharing the friend love today!
this would qualify as goofy picture of me.
So go. Snag one of these beauties today. I'd love to know what color you choose. I had the hardest time! I'm off to buy one myself…I love you and all…but I'm not risking you beating me to the punch! :)
She even made this cute video of HOW to wear the scarf - for people like me who might need some help…MIGHT I said! Watch it…then you can see how cute she is!

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