A Teenager, A Man Child and Drivers Training

A Teenager, A Man Child and Drivers Training
Wasn't it just yesterday? I swear, I only blinked. For a second. He looked like this 10 minutes ago. The only boy with three little sisters. The big brother.
This was two summers ago. Two. Now he is taller than me, and I'm 5'10"! I remember taking him home from the hospital all swaddled up, laying that tiny sausage looking package on my bed and thinking,
"Dear Lord, why have you entrusted this human to me? What if I mess up? I WILL mess up. Please help me. And give us both grace."
And I have. Repeatedly. But I have loved. Passionately. And today, today he climbed behind a wheel of a car for the very first time. Today he is {gulp} driving. And I'm not there. I'm here. Waiting. Praying. And I am so very proud. I am proud of how he is growing up. Proud of the man he is becoming. But it's happening so fast!
Three more years and he will be off to college. Of course I'll be the youngest mother of a college student (not really, but it's true in my mind, and that's all that counts!) Three more years and he will leave his sisters behind. They are already planning a hostile takeover of his room. But they will miss him. I will miss him.
But for today and for the next three years he is ours, at home. He will no doubt drive me crazy. But he will also make us laugh and smile as he often does. I will wash countless towels, and move shoes the size of my arm, and pick up sporting equipment scattered all over my garage. But I welcome it. You are growing up to be a very nice young man. My "man child" as I like to call you. And I am very proud of you. Now please, keep your phone in your pocket, your hands on the wheel, and your eyes on the road. I love you more than you will ever know. Mom.

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