My gallery opening where metal meets paint

My gallery opening where metal meets paint
Six months ago I was asked to consider being a part of a collaborative artists effort. Something new. Something edgy. Something different.
There was this part of me that was awakened by the idea. The artist spirit stirred. I said yes. Then I panicked!
But when we met as a group last winter. When we shared our ideas, our philosophy, our experience, our process and our art...I was inspired. These other artists created such amazing pieces, such a stretch from my world of silver and gold.
I had many crazy ideas, but what I kept being drawn to was painting. Color. Freedom of motion. But my prodding me to include my love of metal.
My first piece was in my signature style -metal, stone, a glass cabochon made by a talented friend. Unsure of how to hang it, when the idea of a case was presented I loved having it surrounded by color. Tiny pieces of inspiration. Each one carefully placed. Yes, really.
My second design was a stray from jewelry, a play with copper, FIRED copper! Tiny bowls of fire {smile} Again, surrounded with color. It's almost interactive. Some pieces are attached, others are not. You have to discover for yourself!
And then the paintings. There was so much freedom of movement. I loved it. My normal work is so precise. There is no room for error with jewelry. You either solder it correctly, or you don't. It's that simple. So the reckless abandon available to me in the brush was amazing. I loved each and every second.
Combining metal seemed so natural. Such an easy extension of who I am. I do love the results.
And then it came to be. The event. The opening. It was official. I was on the wall.
Do you have any idea how nervous I was? Do you have any idea how intimidated I was by the other artists? Men and women who I view as true artists. Masters of their craft. What was I doing there? But yet...I was.
My work was installed. I had to show up. I wore high heels. I always do when I need to be confident. That put me at about 6'2" last night. True story.
Everything was perfect. This gallery was quintessential location for all of us. We just fit together. In an incredible, seamless, meant to be together sort of way.
I am honored to be included in this group of artists.
I am grateful for having been stretched to "step out" of my comfort zone.
I am eager to see what's next.
ArtPrize. I have some ideas!
If you are local and have a chance, please visit the Holland Arts Council and see this exhibit. You will NOT be disappointed, this I promise you. This is a small sampling of some of the other artists work.
Thank you for indulging me. Thank you for all your support. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you!
And remember....
BE creative!
~ lisa
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