A tiny break. A big move. And something new.

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on April 02 2014

I'm blogging to let you know I won't be blogging this week. It seems a bit silly actually. Like I should call it an "un-blog". But that's not really a word. Well maybe it is with the cool blogg-y people. I am not a cool blogg-y person. Wait. Is blogg-y a word? Do you see why I'm shouldn't be blogging this week?

I have kids on spring break. I have a move to the my NEW studio. And a mind that is fried. Totally. Instead I will barrage you with photos of new pretties. In all the craziness I have still been productive :)

love you bunches…

here is a sneak preview of my space…and sweet Max finishing up the painting!

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