Spring Shoes 2014 Guide - time to ditch the boots but not completely

Spring Shoes 2014 Guide - time to ditch the boots but not completely
It's spring! Finally!
And I know, as much as we are "boot lovers" we are also eager to exchange those boots for something a little strappier, a little lighter, and a lot more non-winter!

I also know your heartfelt desire is to grab those flip-flops and run with them. I mean not REALLY run…cause that could be dangerous in flip-flops. Oh...you know what I mean!
Although I love my flip-flops…they are just not...shall we say … fashionable? Heading to the beach? Walking on the boardwalk? Sitting around the fire pit? Sure. There will always be an occasion where flip-flops just work. But can I encourage you to try something else when you go out to dinner? Go to church? Lunch with friends? Even the mall?

Honestly, next to your smile shoes are the number one thing people notice about you! So get your smile on and let's look at some options for your spring footwear that are not only fashionable but fun to wear, affordable and super cute. There are even some for the boys too!

These are my new favorite. It's still too cold in Indiana to break out into sandals, but I'm done with my boots - that says a lot coming from me! These booties are the perfect transition item. Still a boot, but with straps and cut outs which makes them lighter. Besides jeans I can pair them with a skirt, and if I was daring, shorts…I'm not that daring…and I hate shorts. Anyway….
Here's my spring 2014 shoe suggestions…for her….hold fast boys!

  1. More of a sneaker girl…Converse makes their forever stylish shoes in a great selection of pastels! Chuck Taylor Dainty - how cute is that? Around $50.
  2. Bright colored flats. So easy to wear. Available EVERYwhere! These sweet little blue flats are by Sam Edelman from 6pm.com. Around $50.
  3. Kitten heels. If you're not a heel girl, these are perfect to ease your way in. Super sexy. Perfect with jeans or a dress. This pair by Bandolino from 6pm.com comes in several colors, even a few patterns around $50. And you don't even need to worry if your toes are painted! #winning
  4. These are the boots I covet - I mean LOOK at them! FreePeople.com - $325 - thus the covet…not the purchase. Capisce?
  5. My boots at Macy's from by American Rag are actually on sale right now for $24. Pretty sure you need to snag them!
  6. Platform tennis shoes are the rage…and most of them are UUUUUGGGGGLY! However, I'm a big fan of SuperGa. Pretty much the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned. And in red? With a platform? I die. And only $35 from 6pm.com - GO!
But let's not forget the guys. There are some awesome options out there for you boys!
  1. Chukka boots are hot. I LOVE them. And in this light color? Yum! DSW.com $110
  2. Chuck Taylor's by Converse…classic. Grungy green=perfect! Converse.com $60.
  3. What if you could mix a buckskin shoe AND a chukka? Well, it looks like you can. These are downright sexy. Pair them with jeans or rollup your khakis - yes, it's ok - pinky swear. Allen-Edmonds from 6pm.com around $119.
  4. I will forever love a wing tip. And this spring add some color. These are by PatrickJames.com and actually on sale for $138!
  5. Last but not least. Toms. I'll admit I did not fall in love with Toms right away, but they are growing on me. And although I'm not a fan of the slip on for guys…these I love. Black canvas. Goes with everything. You do a good deed by buying. It's pretty much that simple. You can purchase them at Toms.com.
Hopefully this encourages you to not reach for those flip-flops every time you leave the house. I get it. But they really aren't all that fashionable. And…they are horrid for your feet.

So just try. Give it a shot. And remember…smile first!


SOS. SOS. SOS. Ok, I have to add one more pair. I just bought. While perusing Toms for the boys I decided these are the epitome of spring. Wedges. Canvas. Chambray. I can hardly wait!


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