All shoes are NOT created equal

All shoes are NOT created equal
They seem to be something everyone can get excited about.
Guy or girl.
Age unlimited.
An easy way of self expression.
Extremely functional.
And yes, somewhat necessary.
But all shoes are NOT created equal.
THIS I have discovered first hand.
I am a huge fan of shopping at Payless. The shoes are inexpensive and fun. It's a great way to try a style and see if wedges or strappy sandals or high tops or knee high boots are for YOU without making a huge commitment.
Typically, that works for me, but this last pair did not. {sad panda }
I love high heels. Well, I love high heels ever since I learned to embrace my height. I sorta enjoy being "up in the clouds". It helps me exude a certain intimidation confidence.
Ever since my favorite pair of Cole Haan heels broke I have been on the hunt. Those shoes were the ultimate. I could wear them for hours. I could even run in them - if necessary. Although, I may have looked sort of like an awkward giraffe...but I COULD run.
New dress.
Need black heels.
Payless to the rescue. They look great, do they not?
I can wear them for about 5 minutes and I'm done. Pain. Agony. They are even Payless "high end" designer Christian Siriano. Too bad. VERY sad. Can't wear. I even tried again in Toronto last week. Let's just say, I have walked the streets of Toronto bare foot. Yup. True story.
I believe with inexpensive shoes you often get what you pay for. They may be trendy. They may be uber sexy. They may LOOK amazing. But what you are getting is a style that has not been tested thoroughly like a pair of the more expensive nature. Sometimes that works. This time it did not.
But let's talk high end expensive. Those Cole Haan's that I adored. I purchased them on sale-on-sale and THEN discounted for $50. To me, that still was an investment. But when they broke I researched a replacement pair. Those sexy little things began at at $250 {gulp}. And step into the world of another Christian, one who goes by, 'Louboutin' ...a comparable pair begins at $600! What the what? (but they are GORGEOUS!)
Rewind to a couple weeks ago. I take my son suit shopping for prom. We buy a nice suit...we need shoes. I cringe at the thought. Size 14. That's a LOT of leather.
I brace myself.
Helpful sales woman suggests - in a lovely lilting accent that makes you WANT to buy from her - a pair of...are you ready for this...Cole Haan's - you know "based on the size and shape of his foot". I cringe. Then unabashedly blurt out, "he's only 17!". (as if she cared.) However, she didn't give me the "eye". Must be a mom? She says (again in her lovely accent) "no, these are good price!".
GIANT shoes that are 1. good quality. 2. extremely stylish. Price? On sale for $99 - minus the 30% 'sign-up-for-the-Macy's-card-discount"? $69.30! SIXTY-NINE DOLLARS.
Is anyone else seeing the injustice here? A tiny bit of leather on a woman's sexy shoe is 3-6 times the price? They basically have an entire cow hide on their shoes! Wrong I say. Wrong.
But dang. Those sandals are just too cute.
I can't win. Rant over.
Bottom line. If you can, invest in the best. If you can't, buy band aides, or buy yourself a pair of men's loafers cut them up and make your own shoes. Hey wait....maybe I can do that...
See you in the shoe Target....

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