Taking pride in my children - how did they do with the move?

Taking pride in my children - how did they do with the move?
Everyone takes some pride in their children. We would not be parents without it. Some pride is good...many forms of pride are unhealthy.
But when I was asked by Miranda how my kids did with the move from Michigan to Indiana? My first thought is how proud I am of them.
We haven't been THOSE parents. We don't believe our kids are the "best", or the "brightest", or the most beautiful. We don't believe they are entitled to anything.
Yes, our expectations can be abnormally high at times...but we also expect failure along the way.
We want them to experience life as children...not as small people training for the 2020 Olympics. Children. Children that laugh and fall and make mistakes. Children that know how to play and play and play.
These four human beings we "created" are amazing to me. And I am proud of them. Especially with this move.
As they finish out the school year, I am reminded of what a traumatic year they have endured.
Yet. They held fast.
Friends and family left behind. A home left behind. A horse left behind. A life of being "somebody" in a place where they were known, or we were known. The familiar. The comfortable. All...left behind.
Sure we made the choice to move as a family. But...
They were literally thrust into NEW.
NEW school. NEW people. NEW surroundings. NEW church. NEW.
No real home. Nothing familiar.
Sure we had each other. And we had a firm belief that this is exactly where God led us. But that belief was vastly tested at times.
There have been days of anger and frustration. Days of "this isn't fair".
Yet...they persevered.
The transfer from home school to a giant public school. Middle school for the first time. Mean girls. Bulliess. Academic testing. Proving of ones athleticism. Loneliness. Fear.
Yet....they carried on.
And then there is this tiny house with shared bedrooms and bathroom. The fight for ones own space. No place to ever just "be".
Yet....they just did.
And they didn't JUST get through it. They have thrived. They have accomplished so much. They have excelled academically. They have done well in sports. They have won awards. I am blown away.
These four human beings have taught me so much this year. They have taught me what it's like to really have faith. To truly believe in what is unseen.
They have taught me to never give up.
They have taught me that there is hope for tomorrow.
And they have taught me to love more deeply.
Ages. 17. 16. 13. 11.
Who knew such wisdom and knowledge could be imparted by such youth?
Do not get me wrong! These children are not angels. In fact, they tick me off....regularly! But then again, they are kids. It's their job. And they have a lot to learn.
But, as far as their persistence. As far as they have trusted US. As far as they have believed in a God who is in charge. They blow me away.
So yes.
I am proud of you Noah, Anneke, Isabel and Tahlia.
When I look at you I see a bright future. Not only for each of you, but for any who may have the privilege of coming into contact WITH you.
Now do me a favor. Go clean up your rooms and be nice to each other!
Thank you Miranda for the question, for forcing me to process and think. If you have ANY question at all, please feel free to email me. We are friends right? And if I choose your question you will receive a $25 gift certificate to my store :)
love you to pieces,

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