An election. Respecting others. And the right to vote.

An election. Respecting others. And the right to vote.
Today is fashion tip Tuesday. My post on sweater dresses is ready to go. But it didn't "feel" right this morning. My head was tumbling with thoughts of the election. And in the spirit of being authentic and honest…I wanted to share my heart.
I think a word that gets lost, especially in an electronic age where we easily hide behind our screens and our typing is RESPECT. We forget that "other people count", and that they are entitled to their opinions and beliefs.
I have opinions…of course I do. But that does not entitle me to stand in judgment of others.
My opinions are valid. Your opinions are valid. Of course I believe MY my way is correct! But truly ... what kind of wishy-washy person would I be if I did not?
I may want to change your mind. I may want to argue with you. I may want to prove my point. But for me to judge you as a human being for your thoughts and ideas is just wrong.
My friends come from all walks of life. They don't think exactly like I do, they don't believe exactly what I believe, they don't look like me, and they certainly don't always agree with me. But I love them. I love them for who they are, and I respect their opinions. I'd like to think they love and respect me too! :)
Today, you have a right to vote. It's a privilege. It's your duty. It's your opportunity to exercise your opinion.
Quite frankly, I am not overly impressed with how either candidate is acting. Treating each other like 10-year-old boys on a playground, trading punches for million-dollar commercials - it's silly and stupid and childish.
However, I am responsible to vote for the man I believe will best run my country. The man who best represents my opinions.
But ultimately, I believe God is in control. That HE is on the throne, and he will place in power whom he chooses.
So it's my job to vote, to pray, and then to rest.
I guess the real question of the day is "am I fashionable on my way to the polls?" {{smile}}
But of course dahling.
I have on my favorite pair of work jeans, complete with rips and tears, tucked into my UGG wanna-be boots, it's COLD outside! And...I believe Uggs have a place in cold weather. Slightly accessorized, hair pulled back, confident in who I am.
My goal will not only be to cast my vote, but to make the people I interact with happy they met me today. I will give them a smile. I will give them a nod. I will thank them for their service at the poll. Because the bottom line really is OTHER PEOPLE COUNT.
And that's what makes a difference each and every day.
Voting is your right - it is your privilege - it is your responsibility. And while you're there, why not choose to make someone smile. Now go...shoo! xoxoxoxoxooox, lisa

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