Other people count ... hurricane Sandy {{ you can help }}

Other people count ... hurricane Sandy {{ you can help }}
It's a motto in our home. It's a motto in my life. It's a motto that has been on replay in my head all week.
Other people count. Other people count. Other people count.
It's driving me crazy.
Lately I've been self obsessing.
My depression...it's medically under control, but will it come back?
Our home in Michigan for sale...WHEN will it sell? HOW much are we going to lose?
Our kids...are they really adjusting okay? Are they truly happy with our move?
My business...does anyone want what I have? How will I get it all done?
And that's just the start. Did you hear all the "me's" in there. Selfish. Self absorbed.
Other people count.
I even have that phrase embroidered on a pillow, which I pick up off the floor each and every day. It's a constant reminder. But how am I making it real?
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Sandy. A hurricane. A storm. Even though the devastation doesn't compare to what many in 3rd world countries experience on a daily basis, this happened to our people. In our very 1st world. And they are suffering.
I'm from New Jersey. I have family and friends there that were affected, yet survived with minimal issues. I'm so thankful. Yet there are millions out there that need help. Desperately.
Business canNOT go on as usual.
Other people count. I slept in a warm home last night. My children are healthy. We had breakfast. They wore coats.
What can we do? I found several ways to get involved and help listed on the CNN.com site.
What can I do?
For the next week I will donate 20% of all sales to WorldVision.org - they are making a conscious, aggressive effort to help all those affected. You can read more about them here. It's not much...but at least I feel like I am "doing". Other people count.
What I do on this earth...how I impact others...is so very important to me.
"Lord, give me your eyes....."
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Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. Thank you for acknowledging "other people count".

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