Ask Lisa - Do I Instagram? But of course dahling.

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on August 16 2012

Since I'm still in recovery mode this week, I decided to take the high road, the really high road and answer a super easy question. One that involved a yes, or a no.
Miranda wanted to know if I "Instagram". For many of us, it's a way of life, maybe too much of a way of life, if you know what I mean! For others, it almost seems like you said a naughty word! What in the world is Instagram?
Instagram is a super easy and quick way to share your phone pictures with the world. You snap a pic, you add a filter, you post it. And viola. You're a photographer!
Before it was exclusive to iPhone users, but now any Droid phone will do. Therefore the Instagram pool is growing!
Why do I Instagram? For me, it's a way to share what I'm working on. I take images of designs in progress, I get instant feedback. I also get to share how I'm accessorizing. Or even snippets into my daily life. I don't want you to JUST be my customer. I want you to know me, so we can be friends!
Last week my Instagram feed was filled with all things horses from the 4-H fair. I started with my fashion look for the week, and digressed to horse baths. True story.
But it was documenting. Sharing life with you. Laughing together.
I try to be sensible. I know you don't care what I eat for breakfast, or what's in my laundry. But you did care when I went back to school shopping with my three daughters! Have mercy!
If you do Instagram...give me a follow at Lisa Lehmann Designs. If you don't....maybe give it a shot! Let me know and I'll follow you back. I want to know YOU better too!
Thanks again Miranda for an easy question!
Love you to pieces!

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