Fashion Tip Tuesday - How to wear the Equestrian Trend

Fashion Tip Tuesday - How to wear the Equestrian Trend
Horse tack put away. Cotton candy dissolved. Ribbons are safe and sound. And my boots are clean. Our first 4-H fair is over.
But my love affair with all things equestrian is only getting better. A seriously popular trend for fall is English Country! Eeek!
Here's the challenge. We need balance between 'just walked off the farm', and 'rhinestone line dancer'. Did you get that visual?
So hand me the reins ( I couldn't resist ) and let me help you style this very wearable...very fashionable...very feminine trend. Ready? Walk on.
You really only need a few key pieces to pull this off, half of it is attitude baby...right?
Jeans. A good pair of skinnies to tuck into your boots.
Boots. We all know I have an obsession with boots. And not everyone wants to go with the whole cowgirl boot theme. May I recommend a gorgeous pair of flat equestrian boots? They are not only are fantastic with your skinny jeans, but they also look amazing with tights and a skirt. Yes I said tights. I am mentally prepping myself for winter!
I am a fan of all FRYE boots, you just can't go wrong for quality. Like these Paige riding boots *want them*.
But I did find these at Target for only $69.99!
What to wear over the jeans. Soon enough you can pull out the cable knit sweaters with a button down oxford underneath. But in the mean time, how about a little plaid - not your husbands or boyfriends...something girly and sweet. Maybe some ruffles and frills, again don't go all Little House on the Prairie.
Or something flirty with a bit of lace.
You have to find yourself a good belt. Something leather with a bigger buckle (not huge!), and maybe some bling. I am wearing a cute one in the picture above, but it's hiding under the lace! You'll just have to trust me! But this studded version from Forever 21 would do the trick! Perfect to wear with your jeans, or over a dress.
How about a dress? Think girly, feminine, light. Light, not tight. Different words. Get it? Maybe some ruffles? My dress came from Target last year I still love it! When I HAVE to I'll add brown sweater knit tights and maybe a cardigan.
Jewelry-wise I added in copper for warmth and a bit of leather to pull it together. My picks are my harness bracelet, mixed with a bunch of bangles. Maybe some copper earrings.
Are you feeling the Equestrian vibe? It's about girly and sweet with a bit of a leather edge. It actually suits me quite perfectly. I'm not quite ready to borrow my daughters breeches, although they would be awesome with this trend.
So how about it? Is this a trend you think you can embrace?
Happy Trails!

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