Ask Lisa - Do you actually create each piece by hand? What it really means to call yourself HANDcrafted.

Ask Lisa - Do you actually create each piece by hand? What it really means to call yourself HANDcrafted.
Remember as a child, when you were at the height of your creativity {{before you were inhibited}} how your imagination would just fly? How you could dream up the most fantastical things? That was me. Wild. Vivid. Colorful imagination.
I was always drawing. For many years I thought I wanted to be an architect or interior designer. I would draw these amazing homes and spaces. Funny thing? They would never have worked. They were my "imagin-ings". Ideas. Thoughts. I had no concept of how a building needs to be created. No knowledge of structure.
It has taken YEARS of perfecting my skills as an artist, as a metal worker, as a gold smith, to be able to make what I IMAGINE come to life. Most of the jewelry I design in my head will take more training and skill to come to fruition. I have so much to learn. But if I just draw out my idea and give it to a more skilled craftsman to create, then who really is the artist? Who really gets to stamp their name on the piece?
I am not just an artist. I am a craftsman. I do more than just design pretty pieces. I create them. All of them.
This is my choice.
I do not farm things out overseas to be mass produced. This is a decision my husband and I have been forced to make with each season of growth. Do we? Don't we? We believe when we say "handcrafted, artisan jewelry", there had better be an artisan behind each piece. Even when I have help in the studio...each piece filters through MY hands.
My hands.
There is NO glamor to these hands. This is not a glamorous job. For as much as I love fashion. As much as I pay attention to trends, AND adore high heels. As much as I would love to wear something trendy and cute each day. I don't. I can't. ((Well, at least not until "after hours"!))
I am an artist.
Hard at work, in the studio, using my God given talent to create. Getting dirty!
Yes, that means my lead times for custom work are long. Yes, that means my cutoff date for Christmas orders came early. Yes, that means I am working around the clock right now.
But, what that also means, is when you unwrap a gift under your tree in a LLD box you know it was created by hand. With love. Each hand stamped letter. Each soldered seam. Each stone put in place.
To me, this is being an artist. A craftsman.
I am so grateful when you choose to support my handcrafted business, or many of my friends who are diligently at work in THEIR studios creating. You aren't just throwing your hard earned money away, you are supporting a person, their family. THAT is a very big deal.
So thank you.
Now, I better get back to the studio I have work to do!

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