Fashion Tip Tuesday - Holiday hair for all ages

Fashion Tip Tuesday - Holiday hair for all ages
Again with the parties. Part of you says, "YAY!"... the other part of you says, "ugh, another one?" Am I right?
A lot of times I am excited to go to an event, but I get frustrated with the 'what to wear' part. Often at Christmas time, parties come right after work. That means you either
  1. Go to the party in your work clothes.
  2. Don't care.
  3. Add some sparkle and spice after work.
I tend to be a fan of 'sparkle and spice'. Besides, it's fun to say!
Last week we did easy festive nails...mine are not as pretty anymore, but having them painted made me feel, well, dare I say, pretty? It has been nice to have "grown up" nails. I really felt like a girl!
But enough about my nails. Another great way to spruce up your outfit is with your hair. Long or short, there are a lot of options to add a bit of "glam" to your look no matter what your age.
My 13 year old daughter has long wavy hair. Just adding a couple braids and a headband made for instant dress up.
found this adorbs headband on Etsy...of course!
How about an easy up-do? At the end of the day I'm usually ready to pull my hair back anyway, so this style is a no brain-er. Messy bun, add some braids...then a feathered headband. Viola! You're done! Super festive and cute!
My hair is untamable, and often a bit on the wild side. I love scarves and headbands as a way to "reel it in" so to speak. This sparkle headband from Free People, adds just enough glitter and makes me feel put together. (remember this look from my sweater dress post?)
Teenage version.
And can totally wear a headband over your hair, or partially pulled out. Trust me on this one!
What if your hair is short? That does not mean you can't wear hair accessories! Easy, basic, sparkle headbands are perfect for you! And look at this super cute small person :) I just love her face!
A style I love for instant fashion statement are these tie headbands. Truly perfect for any age. Modeled by my small person - but this is my headband.
One last look.
Are you ready to go out on a limb? Do something a bit different and edgy. Time to look in your jewelry box for a hair accessory. A chain necklace? What about a beaded bracelet? Seriously! This just rocks. She looks incredibly "with it" and put together.
Don't fret about your holiday parties. A basic LBD, or sweater dress. Even skinny jeans and a chiffon top can all be put together with a bit of sparkle for your hair.
Which one would you try? Or do you have your own suggestions? Leave me a comment and let me know!
love and sparkles.....

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