Ask Lisa - what is your creative process?

Ask Lisa - what is your creative process?
WARNING! Peeking into how I create could be somewhat frightening! Inside of my head is a slightly scary place. But, then again, you knew that already...proceed!
My new friend Karen, the Graphics Fairy, and I were chatting and she asked me HOW I design? What's my process? How does a design go from whirling around in my head to becoming a living and breathing piece of wearable art.
I guess I never thought anyone would find that interesting. I assumed all you cared about was the end product. She assured me that is not the case, and encouraged me to share.
The process goes something like this.
1. Surround yourself with pretty things. This is totally important, especially since winters in Michigan are so grey and depressing. I need a studio that is vibrant and fun and exciting. I need words, color, pattern, and the occasional dose of SILLY! (yes, I do occasionally wear the tiara...don't believe me...stop by sometime!)
2. Put your favorite inspiration from others someplace you can see it. This is my bulletin board, it has notes and drawings and photos. It makes me smile!
I'm also a fan of inspirational words and quotes. I have them ALL over my house and studio!
3. I sketch, paint, draw out EVERYthing! It helps me put the craziness in my head in a somewhat sorted out fashion. I sketch, revise, sketch again, throw away. And then when I think it's something I really want to use I add it to my design notebook or tape it to a cabinet in my studio. I'm classy like that!
4. Vision boards. I like to SEE the colors and patterns that I'm jonesing for. Besides it lets me play with colored paper and glue. Then I add some of my sketches to the boards.
So this is my beginning process. Then we get to the fun part...becoming the "maker".
What inspires you to do what you do? Is it your space? A smell? How do you find YOUR groove? Inquiring minds want to know!
Thanks for coming into my brain and are always welcome!

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