Favorite Thing - it's all about the color at Design Seeds

Favorite Thing - it's all about the color at Design Seeds
Artistry. Inspiration. Beauty.
The intensity. The different hues. The glow. The saturation. It kinda makes me giddy.
These are things I love. And this is what Design Seeds gives to me each and every day.
The colorful soul behind Design Seeds is Jessica, and she is {passionate about pigment}.
She creates these tiny little palette vingettes which will awake pieces of creativity within you that you never knew existed.
It's often that moment in the morning when I open my email from Design Seeds, I just {{sigh}}. It's that powerful.
Not only are the color combinations exquisite...the photos she choses to pair with them, what she draws HER inspiration from...have mind blowing appeal. Consider yourself warned!
Do you need a moment of visual illuination? For your mind? For a project you are working on? For your wardrobe? Then look NO further....
One of my FAVorite things about the website is you can search by color palette. Why is this the coolest thing ever since nonpareils candy pastels? {{Don't ask...I'm just slightly obsessed lately...another one of my favorite things!}} Sorry, distracted. It's super awesome because you can find inspiration for exactly what you need. Let me show you....
Are you looking to find pillows to match your chocolate sofa....
What about your new green bathroom....
Those new red skinny jeans need some color blocked top...
You get the idea?
And even if you have no purpose, the chroma arousal should be enough! Those two words together even made me giggle!
Now go, click over to their site and tell me your favorite combo. I want to see what inspires you. And please tell them I sent you.
BE colorful!!

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