Ask Lisa - Where do you find scarves for your hair?

Ask Lisa - Where do you find scarves for your hair?
"I love the look of wearing a scarf in my hair. I'm eager to try something new. Are yours skinny scarves? Are they silk? Do they need to be a certain length? Lisa, where do we find scarves like yours? Help us!" ~ Stephanie
Versions of those questions were asked in the comments on my post last week, on my Facebook page, and via email! But that particular one was my favorite!

I am so excited you want embrace this idea that I thought we should just bump your question to the top of the "ask Lisa" list! Woot!

oh my...scarf heaven!
Let's start with the basics. When looking for a scarf it just needs to fit around your head and tie, once. It doesn't need to wrap a second time for a basic tie, the extra length is nice, but not necessary. Skinnier is better for wearing the styles I showed you, but again, a wider scarf can be folded up fairly thin.

My vast plethora of colorful goodness comes from many places. Major department stores like Macy's. Discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls are perfect! I love to hunt for these beauties when traveling in small boutiques and specialty shops. Seriously, what a fun souvenir from your trip!

Just Monday I stumbled across an amazing collection at a store called Francesca's. They have stores all over the US and an online shop as well. I purchased one scarf...then found another and hopped back in line. Sad...I know! However, these are not the skinny version...but I have great plans for them that I will definitely share with you! And at $18 each, how could I say no? {this is where you humor me}

scarf shopping at francesca's
my new finds! squeeeeeeeee
Another one of my favorite places to look for this must have accessory online is FreePeople - I love the boho style of their designs. Well, I love everything in their shop, but scarves are one of the most affordable items they carry!

But even doing a quick Google search for "skinny silk scarves" brought up a plethora of gorgeous options on Ebay of all places!

Hopefully that gives you a running start out the door, or with your fingertips. Now go forth and be "scarved"!

And if you have a question for an "ask Lisa", just click her and shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

and don't forget.....
BE creative!


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