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I believe with all my heart that a birthday is monumental. I mean think about it. A trip around the sun. That's HUGE. And should be celebrated. No matter what age. My birthday is coming up. Two weeks from today. It also happens to be the day my girl goes to college. She's ready. I'm ready. No I'm not. Yes I am. I think I'm ready. I will be ready. This is hard. She's my oldest girl. Very much a first born, yet second in line to her brother by only 15 months. To "lose" two kids to college back to back is some sort of cruelty. You think it's all fun and games having "almost Irish twins" until they leave you, one after the other. Last year when the "man child" left it created a void, an emptiness - he is my only son and I adore that boy. He gets me. We are very alike in many ways. But yet, I was so happy and excited to watch him leave, see him soar. I feel the same about Anneke. Excited FOR her. She's so ready to fly. But she will leave a gaping my this home. She kind of has a "large" personality. You KNOW when she's in the room. You KNOW when she comes home. Shoot...we even know when she walks out the door! But...she also works with me. Exercises with me. Cooks with me. Talks TO me. Even sometimes finishes my sentences. She steals my clothes. And my makeup. She drives me crazy and leaves messes EVERYwhere. I will feel her leaving. And I will miss her. These are the moments you cannot prepare for. No books. No seminars. No manual. The gut wrenching moment when you have done all you can do and you just.let.go. It's beautifully painful.
teenagers. letting go. sending them off to college ready to soar. My two oldest "small people"
That being said. My birthday will not have the joyous feeling of celebration that it should! So. I have an idea. Last year I did something crazy. Really crazy. It was a true extravaganza. And I loved it. Giving back to you is what brings me great joy! Let's do it again! I am sending the details via my newsletter. But therein is the caveat. You need to actually GET my newsletter. Time to sign up if you haven't already. Here is the link -----> CLICK ME <------ fairly painless. Need a button. I have one of those too.
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I'll get you all the nitty gritty out to you in the next day or two. Thanks for celebrating with me. And while you're at it. A hug or two won't hurt. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need it. Oh and just because I think this is a fairly awesome family photo Anneke took of all of us I thought you should see it. Our new TV show starts in the fall. Kidding. But seriously. Isn't it a great image? We are not actually as cool as we look! LOL!
the lehmann family. teenagers. growing up. parenting. and letting go. there are no manuals for this. lehmann 6
xoxoxoxo, lisa

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