My tattoos and the story behind each one.

swirl design tattoo
Tattoos. Ink. Whatever you want to call them. A topic that comes up often in my world. How many tattoos do you have? Do they mean something? Are you getting anymore? My choice to have tattoos is very personal. I actually covered that in a blog post in 2013 - so rather than reiterate my "why" here is the link, or click HERE.

My choice to have tattoos is very personal.

Instead, I'm going to visually walk you through my tattoos. I am so fortunate to have an incredibly gifted and talented photographer living in my home...for another week...sigh. I'm going to use and abuse her to steal as much time with her as I can. I thought I would go in order....It's a lot of forewarned :) Number 1 - I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine - Song of Solomon 6.3 hebrew tattoo song of solomon i am my beloved's Number 2 - Child of God in Hebrew - that story is here ---> CLICK hebrew tattoo child of God depression tattoo Number 3 - my family tree. each child's birth month is marked in color by a piece of fruit. family tree tattoo Number 4 - Chinese symbols. I wanted something to mark what is most important to me. My pillars. Faith. Family. Strength (in my Savior and being strong for my family) chinese tattoo faith family strength Number 5 - and probably my favorite. Psalm 25. A passage I go to all the time. This is verses 4 and 5. Show me your ways. Teach me your paths. bible tattoo bible verse tattoo Number 6 - a feather. Feather's have so much significance to me - big suprise...I wrote about that too ---> CLICK HERE - Psalm 91.4 he will cover you with his feathers, he will shelter you with his wings. psalm 91 tattoo feather tattoo Number 7 - a verse my mother spoke over me and to me...often. Proverbs 3.5-6 ---> Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. I love that the arrow goes all the way around my arm. No end. A straight path. bible verse tattoo proverbs 3:5-6 Number 8 - I doodle. I draw. All.The.Time. I loved my family tree tattoo but it bothered me that is just sat there. Alone. I wanted something pretty that accentuated it. Something that looked like I drew it. So although this is seemingly "meaningless" I absolutely adore it. I love how it sits on my shoulder. How fluid it is. How it dances across my back. Basically...this tattoo just makes me happy. swirl design tattooback swirl design tattoo Number 9 - I am blessed to have 3 amazing daughters. Sisters. And although they often...and I mean often...don't get along. My hope and prayer is that one day they will be the very best of friends. Isabel wanted to do this. She wanted her first tattoo to be something that was a very permanent and visible reminder of her sisters and her mom. Side by Side. Always. The 4 arrows signify each of us. No, Tahlia did not get this tattoo...yet. But maybe one day. That will be up to her. So for now it was just three of us. I went first and completely lied about how painful it was! Let's just say...rib fat...equals pain! But they did it! There is a photo on my Instagram of the three of us. side by side tatttoo sisters mom Number 10 - My oldest daughter leaves for college next week...I've talked about that...she and I wanted something that would signify "us". We decided on the sprout. A tiny tattoo. A visible reminder. Insanely special to both of us. tiny tattoo sprout tattoo mother daughter tattoo And that is it. Is it the end? Maybe. Maybe not. If I feel like I need to commemorate something else I will get another tattoo. They are not for anyone but me. It's something I have always loved and I will continue to embrace. Forgive my long post...and the many photos - but I wanted you to know ME better. Hear my heart. Understand my motive. My body is slowly becoming my testimony. My story. And I love that. Thank you for listening. I'm grateful you are here. Much love, lisa

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