Blueberries and a muffin. My favorite thing.

Blueberries and a muffin. My favorite thing.
Blueberry season. Oh how I love these little round-pop-them-in-your-mouth fruity pieces of joy. I put them in EVERYthing! And this is their season. Their time to shine. Basically their time to be so cheap you can buy a boatload!
There has to be a perfect muffin…right? And honestly? I'm good in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake and experiment and play. But there are two things I struggle with. Pie crust. Not even going there. And my desire to make a muffin as beautiful as you can buy in a bakery. Muffin envy. They NEVER look like that. And the texture is never the same. And I get frustrated. And then I probably get a bit testy. Ok, back to the blueberry.
I had a plethora. I put my big girl panties on, searched out the "perfect" recipe. And, by golly, I found it. No really. This.Is.The.One. The muffin texture was amazing. They popped up - ok, not like a bakery…but there was definite popping. They were flavorful. And they disappeared quickly. That means my kiddos liked them too. I really don't think I ate them all myself. Wait? Did I? Couldn't be.
The recipe? Not mine. I scoured which is my go to. Not for the best recipes right off the bat - you have to read the reviews. That's the key. A recipe with good reviews beyond, "I liked them." is worth it's weight in gold. I always read peoples tips and tricks and this was no exception.

So go. Get yourself a basket, bushel, pint, quart…WHATEVER of blueberries while they are still in abundance and come home and bake these. Stat.
They are called To Die For Blueberry Muffins - not sure I would die. But I might sacrifice something. Maybe a 4th cup of coffee. What? Don't look at me like that. I LIKE my coffee!

Here is the recipe. Click here for a printable version.
Now go. Bake. And tell me about your new favorite muffin! Because these are my favorite thing. Today. Right now. This morning.


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