distressed denim. boyfriend jeans. converse. fashion i can't live without.

distressed denim. boyfriend jeans. converse. fashion i can't live without.
My whole blog post just disappeared. Gone. Another reason to hate blogger? Or just par for the course in my life?

So here it is. Last week was one of my more stressful weeks ever. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook or read my newsletter…you will know why.

Instead of re-hashing all of it - let me just tell you about two wardrobe items that got me through when I couldn't even set my mind to thinking about being fashionable. Easy go-to…just reach in the closet and get dressed items.

Destructed white boyfriend jeans from Ann Taylor loft. I have loved Ann Taylor and the Loft for a very long time. Well made items, nice fit, and they seem to be created for a tall girl. A little pricey, but they DO have the best sales.

I purchased a size 8 but returned them for a 6. I forgot that Ann Taylor runs a bit larger…I'm not sure if that is to make us feel better (it works) or they are just "generous". I like my boyfriend jeans baggy, but I also like them to stay on my hips!!
Now that I directed you to these fab jeans, they are pretty much unavailable right now, however…they do have them in a buttercream color…me likey. AND...I would definitely snag a pair of regular denim boyfriends during their sale 40% off since fall IS coming.

Like these:

Or these (side bar: I would NEVER wear heels with boyfriend jeans. Just me. But I do not like)
And my Converse slip on's. I have a daughter that is madly in love with Converse so I have naturally avoided them - I'm just not that cool. But she told me to snag these one day browsing at DSW and I'm so glad I did.
Perfect with the boyfriend jeans OR shorts OR any jeans OR cute little dresses if you are a teenager or Taylor Swift…not going there.

Also found them at Amazon, here's the link for my 10 cents if you buy them this way.

Needless to say the hospital saw both of these more than once last week, but who's counting? And I figured white was kinda hospital like, right?

So what are your go-to fashionable items? What's your favs? Share with the rest of us! K?

And…thank you to all of you who reached out last week with messages and prayers and thoughts of love. We are so very grateful. He's not out of the woods yet…but I'm so glad he is home…where he belongs!
and yes…I am wearing the jeans…just so you know I really wasn't kidding!

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