Consignment Store Shopping Tips - Fashion Tip Tuesday

Consignment Store Shopping Tips - Fashion Tip Tuesday
The thrill of the hunt. The excitement of the perfect find. The feeling of success. These are part of a good shopping experience are they not?
Now I have to be'd expect nothing less right? I don't really like to shop. I am not a "rack browser". I am not a casual looker. I think I shop more like a man. Get in. Get out. Nobody gets hurt.
And...I'm not a good "thrifter". Try as I might. I just don't like Good Will or Salvation Army.
However...that being said. I do enjoy consignment store hunting with my girls.
In Michigan there were a few stores we would regular lay siege to, and they learned quickly a little bit of money goes a long way in a consignment store. But it takes a bit of skill and know how.
We are still actively searching for new hunting grounds, but there IS a Plato's Closet in town, and Isabel and I stumbled across a little "hole in the wall" yesterday where she scored a pair of blingy jeans for $17 - ADORBS! I would show you a picture...but she promptly wore them to school today!
Anyway, here are a few of our best tips, for finding "the goods" and knowing how to look!
  1. Know your brands. Look for higher end items like Free People, BCBG, iNC etc. It just doesn't make sense to buy something consignment that comes from Target. So know what brands you like and search them out!
  2. Look for items with tags. I know this seems like a no brainer. But impulse shoppers will often "dump" items consignment that they just never wore!
  3. Gently worn items are okay. Remember, this IS consignment. You have to expect that. But do look for holes on seams and under arms, pilling, and stains! *side bar* sometimes things can be fixed, and they will discount an item even more. So don't be afraid to ask!
  4. Dig. Dig. Dig. This is the part I hate, but if you are willing to look, you WILL find a gem!
  5. When to shop? Monday's people usually bring in what they cleaned out of their closets over the weekend. It typically takes a shop owner a day for turnover. So Tuesday's are fantastic!
  6. Remember, there's only one. If you find something you like and it's a good deal...snag it. This isn't a boutique or department store, there are not multiple times!
  7. The best finds for girls * in my opinion * are jeans. Dress clothes - Sunday dresses - prom wear - special events. Shoes. For guys? Dressier button down type shirts. Shoes. And often khaki type pants, they really didn't want to wear them anyway!
And no post from me would be complete without photos! Here are some of the finds we have snatched up over the last few months!
H&M but it still had tags and was super cute! under $10!
FreePeople tank top - coolest beading detail under $15
consignment is a great place to look for handbags!
I love this with skinny jeans and heels! under $15
Do you have any tips to share? I'd love to know.
And...happy shopping!

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