Weekend Fashion - making the winter to spring transition

Weekend Fashion - making the winter to spring transition
Weekends tend to be my MOST fashionable. Let's just face it, my daily studio wear consists of ripped jeans, tank tops and an apron!!
Needless to say, I thought it might be fun to highlight weekend fashion on Mondays! And maybe even include a bit of what my kids wore!
This is the time of year we look into our closets and {{sigh}}. I know, because I do it! You desperately want it to be spring, yet it's not. You long for brighter colors and lighter fabrics, but it is still freezing! But there is a way to begin the transition...lightly.
I pulled this light floral dress out of my closet bound and determined to style it for the "in betweens".
dress Target - socks Grace & Lace - boots CAT Footwear
It's sleeveless so I choose a simple grey cardi to go over top. Convinced it look maternity like, I opted for a skinny belt to show that I do indeed have a waist.
sweater & belt - Old Navy / jewelry my own ;)
Ditching tights I went for these amazing alpine socks that I could pull over my knees if I wanted to...with BARE legs! Yup, there's a transition move! And a shorter pair of boots.
Lots and lots of bangles, a candy bracelet for color and dangle earrings...that's it.
I think the whole outfit looks lighter weight, leaning towards spring without looking like I'm "rushing it".
With Anneke we did something similar. This dress {{formerly owned by me}} is cute and flirty and artsy. But it's sleeveless and dark.
dress - boutique / tights Old Navy / cardigan Banana Republic
The colorful tights give her a lighter, more youthful, and spring-y look. We stayed with a black sweater since there is so much color and texture going on already.
Simple jewelry. Again...there's a lot going on here...no need to compete!
I think she looks very hip and trendy...and ready to move into a more fun, colorful season!
Later on in the day she needed to do a photo shoot...I already had "slipped into something more comfortable". Yes, those are leggings...but NOT AS PANTS! Note, the buttocks is covered! :) But I do love my alpine socks!
Are you itching to get into spring fashion? Do you have a fav item in your closet you can't wait to wear. Take it out and see what you can do with it? I dare ya!

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