Creating jewelry on live TV, otherwise known as, what was I thinking?

Creating jewelry on live TV, otherwise known as, what was I thinking?
"Can you bring your studio to our set and create a piece of jewelry on live TV?" That was the question. My response. Absolutely. Did I give it much thought? Not really. I've done TV spots before. I can do this. And then I realized I'd be working. On LIVE television. I'd be using a torch with people looking. {{gulp}}

However, once you say yes…it's a yes. So I packed up my tanks and my tools and headed for Indianapolis with a quasi plan!
They wanted to see fire and of course that is one of my favorite things, so I decided to create some of my feathers. It involved annealing…which is a lot of heat and a lot of torch. Sawing and filing. Fold forming. And texturing. A little bit of everything!

Bottom line? I had a blast!

They introduced me at the top of the show which is the first clip below. Then they periodically checked in on my progress. Unfortunately you don't get to see the end result so I've added a couple photos!

It was definitely exciting, and the people at IndyStyle and wishTV were incredible to work with. I'm overwhelmed for the opportunity.

If you are reading this in your email, you have to do the extra work of clicking through to the blog to watch the videos. Oh come on, they're short, it's just a click. {wink}

Thank you for journeying with me friend. As always….I'm so grateful for you!



- some of the feathers --


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