Trash the dress. Or don't.

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on May 01 2014

Trashing the dress. A new trend. Full of drama. Shock value. Contrasts.
But I urge you...say no to the trashing!

Because one of the most beautiful things I did yesterday on my 20th anniversary was take out my dress. Professionally sealed for over 19 years.
Sitting with my man and my girls.
It was amazing. The emotions. The memories. Watching my girls oooh and ahhh appropriately.
as you can see I "dressed up" in my workout clothes for the occasion!
And then? Then I got to put it on. I felt like a princess all over again! My daughters helped me button. We took photos. I may have even twirled. It was pure magic! I felt like a princess!
Don't trash your dress. Stop. Think ahead. You never know what kind of magic you might need in twenty years.


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