Eye brow powder - one of my favorite things

Eye brow powder - one of my favorite things
Let's face it. We do a lot to make ourselves look pretty presentable. We care for our hair, our skin, our face. But we often neglect the eye brows. You know, those expressive little lines above our eyes. Think about it. You can say a lot with your eye brows! Shoot…we even insert little emojis in our text messages…do we not?
So why is it the eye brows are our most neglected facial feature? Several years ago when I really started playing with color in my hair, I began to notice that my brows…let's just say…didn't match. And then, with my constant wearing of glasses, they were TOTALLY getting lost. I needed a fix.

I do some regular brow maintenance with waxing. When I say some. I mean rarely. Like a couple times a year. Then I just use my tweezers SPARINGLY to keep up. But it wasn't enough they still were disappearing into my head and that's a weird look.

I've sung the praises of Bare Escentuals many times - I often buy their "special value" kits on QVC since they are such a great deal and they allow me to try new products. One such product? You guessed it eye brow powder. I fell in love. Small container. Lasted forever. Possibly too long. I've only had to replace it once in several years, and last week it was time for container number three. So off to Ulta on a spring break excursion with my girlies…do we know how to vacation or what???
Much to my dismay. They no longer carry it. Bummer. And grouchy Ulta girl who definitely needed a dose of happiness finally acquiesced to helping me. I smiled a lot. She wasn't responding. Life's too short darlin! Annnnnyway….. She directed me to this...
Brow powder by Anastasia. I was unsure of the color she chose for me. And you guessed it, I voiced my concern, and she reinforced that this was DEFINITELY my color, and a little goes a long way. She had angry eyes. Think Mr. Potato head. She scared me…a little…so I took her advice and bought the brow powder.

Friend. I love it. I mean seriously love it. Here's why.
The reason I adore brow powder is you never get any harsh lines. Using an angled brush to fill in - you can use a little or a lot - dude, she was right about the little goes a long way too. THIS brow powder has two shades per compact - and there are 10 two-tone shade combinations available. One light. One darker. Perfect for matching hair color when it changes. Or using the dark to fill in sparse areas, where you MAY have over plucked…admit it…you've done it. And then use the lighter shade to fill in. With 10 shades you can totally find your color. When in doubt, head to Ulta and ask Miss. Angry Eyes. She will be more than happy to "help".

The compact sells for $23 on Anastasia's own site and OBVIOUSLY at Ulta.
Summer is coming. Of course you will be using sunscreen and your face will remain pale and beautiful. Therefore…your brows should make a statement. Not a Brooke Shields statement. Just a "look how well groomed and happy I am" statement. Deal.


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