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fall fashion at 40 rocking a romper
Last week we were full on summer for family style. This week I'm at least trying on something transitional - I has sleeves. If you know me at all...I never wear sleeves. Like ever. In fact, when I showed my "back to school list making toilet paper and wine" friend Cris, she asked if I needed scissors. Funny. To her. Clearly Tahlia is in full denial that school starts today. She is STILL embracing summer style with her strappy sandals and dress. And don't forget the bralette...that game is strong this year! I know autumn is coming, I am aware. And I really can't wait for crunchy leaves and boots. Last fall was such transition. This day last year, the first day of school, it was Isabel's 16th birthday. We had literally moved into a rental home the day before. Everything was in upheaval. It was over the top stressful. What a difference a year makes. This September I plan on FULLY embracing autumn on the Lake Shore.'s almost time to break out the fall decor! Woot! I just sent my Senior and Freshman out the door for the first day of school. Strange knowing this is the last year I have multiples in school. And this is the first year they have ever been in the same school. (homeschooled for 10 years). Time really does fly. fall fashion at 40 when I decided to try rocking a romper yes you can wear a romper at 40 something 40 something fashion with rompers tattoos and purple hair, why not? 40 something fashion. why yes those are toms wedges and a friendship bracelet on my ankle! accessories by me. My style: romper from Glik's ( I feel like I can pull off this romper at my age, because it's loose fitting, longer in the back AND has sleeves - not to mention the fabric is so soft! ) / shoes: wedges by TOMs / glasses: Warby Parker / jewelry: all my own teen fashion and style for fall teen fashion batik prints and strappy sandals go into september easily teen fashion strappy sandals from target - she is still hanging on to summer! tahlia batik print dress with lace bralette teen style Tahlia's style: Dress from Wet Seal ( prices are careful with styles...somethings are "questionable" ) / bralette: Aerie / shoes: Target I have used affiliate links in this post - but that is never why I choose my items - I choose because I love. And if they want to pay me some pennies for saying so...I shall take their pennies.

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