Fashion, shopping and teenage daughters

Fashion, shopping and teenage daughters
Last week it was my daughter Isabel's birthday. Carelessly I asked, "what do you want to do on your birthday?" In true tween-age form, she wanted to go shopping. To the mall. If you know me at all, you might know that shopping really isn't my thing. And mall shopping. Ugh, only if I have to. However, I love my daughter...therefore I acquiesced.
Three daughters. One mom. And the mall. An adventure to be sure.
But I learned a few valuable lessons to share with you!
  1. A dress you look great in in your mind, is just that. A dress you look great in in your mind. Only.
  2. I'm not 21. Enough said.
  3. My daughters are not 21, nor should they look like it. Nor should I find clothing made for a 21 year old in a children's clothing stores. Can I hear an amen?
  4. T-shirts are funny. Some are awful. But some are funny! (see below)
  5. Pottery Barn is the gateway to life dissatisfaction. {sigh}
  6. Department stores have, well, too many departments. Hello OVERWHELM!
  7. Fashion jewelry is fun and cheap, and very discouraging to a girl like me. Again {sigh}.
  8. Do people really buy cell phones at a mall kiosk? Really?
  9. Is it me, or are there way too many smells for the senses. Does Abercrombie really need to pump their cologne into the whole mall?
  10. With three daughters I am in so much trouble. Since when did THEY get an opinion about what I should wear. Seriously.
Now, I must say that I DID enjoy myself. We laughed and tried on stupid stuff. We indulged in an overpriced Orange Julius that was oh, so delicious. And I did get this great t-shirt, cause I AM a keeper...right?
my new t-shirt!
And the time with my girls? Priceless.
my #grandrapids girls
Our new Grand Rapids sweatshirts from Lands End!
Don't tell them, but I cannot wait to do it again...minus the dress. xoxox, lisa

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