Favorite Thing - Head Wraps

Favorite Thing - Head Wraps
A little color goes a long way. It brightens a mood. It changes an attitude. It completes an outfit. Shoot, for me it can change a Monday into a Friday!
Y'all know how much I love scarves for my hair, but this has made my scarf obsession just a little bit easier.
No knots. No wrapping. Just slip on and...viola! You're done.
Grace and Lace - such a cute name - create these fantastic head wraps in the best.colors.ever! I had the hardest time deciding...so I bought THREE!
So here's the deal. The nitty gritty. I kind of have a small weird shaped head...no comments please! And unless I do tie a scarf on my head myself, they usually don't fit, or they feel strange. And honestly, who can go through a day with some strange feeling on their head? Worst case scenario? Headbands give me a headache.
Not these.
They attach with covered elastic in the back...and it's the perfect amount of stretch. (I'm not even being paid or gifted to tell you this! Maybe I should be!)
So that's the functional part. The fun part? You can wear them many different ways! *warning it's about to get awkward - me taking cell phone pictures of me* This is your basic "under the hair" look. Super easy.
Then you can try the "over-under". Yes, I made that up. Forgive my angry look, do you have any idea how hard it is to take a photo of yourself? Ick!
And when I say they are comfortable, I am not kidding. I totally wore this one playing volleyball last night. Let's just say, it was kind of like when you go skiing and you LOOK much better than you can actually ski. {ahem} Needless to say, it stayed in...and kept sweaty-wild-crazy hair from flying in my face.
And then there are ALWAYS those moments when you need to audition for Pirates of the Caribbean, right? Secret? I have a tiny obsession with "Jack Sparrow". This is me wearing my head wrap to work in the studio. And let me tell you....I didn't worry once about setting my hair on fire. BONUS! And...you get to look at Jack. Double Bonus.
Tell me what you would choose, I'd love to know. Arrrrrghhhhh. xooxooxoxo, lisa

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