Favorite Thing - I got nothing

Favorite Thing - I got nothing
Here's the thing about my favorite things. They really are my favorite. They aren't sponsored. They aren't coaxed. They aren't to benefit anyone but you.
I write about something because I love it so much I just have to share. Bottom line.
This week I had nothing. I was wracking my brain and came up empty. No comment necessary!
Rather than force the issue I thought I would just redirect you to a few of my past loves!
Like Pillow Soft Curls by Miss Jessie - that stuff is the bomb for curly haired girls!
Last but not least, Urban Decay primer...I use it everyday!
There's the reality. My favs are actually my favs. And if something sticks out to me...I'll write about it...otherwise...not so much.
Do you have a fav? Would you like to guest post? I'd love to hear!
Until tomorrow....

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