What to pack for a fashionable spring break - Fashion Tip Tuesday

What to pack for a fashionable spring break - Fashion Tip Tuesday
Spring Break. I've heard of it. I know masses of people in the north head to warmer days in the south. Of course I always wondered what people in the south do. Skiing? Snowboarding?
Anyway, although we are not a "spring break family", my husband and I are taking a little getaway to Florida in a couple weeks. I don't want to over pack. I do want to embrace the tropical air with style.
So not only am I working on my abs...I'm working on my wardrobe!
There are really 5 things you must have in your suitcase.
  1. The perfect bathing suit (it is possible).
  2. A killer cover up.
  3. Smoking hot sandals.
  4. A day to night dress.
  5. Sunglasses of course!
Let's start with the most painful item and just get it out of the way. A bathing suit. You hate them. You have to have one. No one really likes to wear one. Two places to shop are Athleta and Downeast Basics. Suits that are totes adorbs and completely wearable.
Maybe you don't love your bathing suit enough to prance around in it. I get it. Here's your trick. An awesome cover up that looks so amazing, no one will know you are trying to, well, cover up!
Two I LOVE. Both from Target of all places. One is obviously more daring than the other...but both are stinkin cute! Wear them by the pool. Wear them out for lunch. Beach towns are so forgiving!
Sandals are a must, but you knew that right? Please say yes? So go get yourself a pedi and slip those babies into something strappy! I just purchased these from ShoeMint and I cannot wait to put them to use. (update shoemint no longer exists...sigh....oh well on to find a new source!)
Of course you need something to wear with those sandals. A dress perhaps? Stripes are the rage. Black and white stripes especially. How about one of these?
This OldNavy dress is a steal at $25! Pair it with a skinny belt, or maybe drape an emerald green scarf around your neck like this one I found on Wanelo? Dang...you are stylin!
Maybe a bigger splurge? I LOVE this dress from White House Black Market.
Now all you need are the shades! Vintage is hot. So is oversized. Mirrored. And circular. Just make sure YOU use a mirror when you buy them. What looks good on the rack may not be the best for your face. Just sayin.
For instance. I love the look of oversized frames. My head is small. Therefore I look stupid. I look much better in an aviator style frame. And although I know you should not skimp on sunglasses...eye protection and all...I just can't justify it. I found these on the Dillards site, and I am loving the extra decoration...also a trend this spring! And at $40, that's not TOO bad :)
Guys. You do need to pack too...I get that...but it's infinitely easier for you! The top trends and items YOU need to think about?
  1. A white linen shirt.
  2. Military inspired shorts.
  3. Bright colored and bold patterned short sleeve shirts.
My top picks for you?
This gorgeous Irish linen shirt from JCrew {swoon}. Old Navy makes this linen type shirt in tons of bold colors, and at $15? Buy 5! The shorts are from Levi's and they are the perfect blend of cargo cool. Not too baggy so they are sloppy...these are the bomb.
And yes, you too need a cool pair of shades. Go Ray-ban and you will never go wrong. So leave your Hawaiian shirt behind, Tom Selleck is no longer cool. Got it?
There you go. Packed and ready. If you are going skiing and snowboarding I'm sorry...that's my everyday attire...and baby...I'm moving on to warmer days!
Here's to sand in your toes, and umbrella's in your drinks!

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