Favorite thing - Rascal Flatts

Favorite thing - Rascal Flatts
Half of you already tuned out..trust me...I know exactly what you are thinking.
"Country music? Rascal Flatts? Lisa, have you lost your mind? Next you'll be telling us you like square dancing too."
Now just hold on, give me a second to explain.
I have never been country music girl. My mother used to "twang" along with Willy Nelson, and...get this....yodel!! The scars may never heal.
I'm an 80's girl. An alternative 80's girl at that. I love music. Good music. Maybe the reason I married a musician :) but I NEVER...EVER...listened to country music.
That is...
...until my oldest daughter fell in love with it. You win some you lose some. For the sake of your children you do many things you say you will never do. She works for me...she plays it in the studio...it grew on me.
Much of it i still do not care for. And I can only take it in small doses. But this group...Rascal Flatts...I like them. There is something about their stories in their songs grew on me. Their music is flawless, their melodies beautiful. Somewhere along the way I became a fan.
Then I had the privilege of meeting them in Nashville in February...did I mention that we are BFF's?
Needless to say when I was invited to see a one night exclusive theatre event showing of their film Changed I jumped at the chance.
If I liked them before, I love them now. Hearing their hearts. Knowing their life stories. Their commitment to their families and each other. It was endearing...truly.
And this new album? It is awesome. I've been blasting it in the studio ever since the movie. I love all the songs...but the title track "Changed" is my fav.
These are real guys, making music because it's what they are born to do. What Joe Don can do on a guitar is mesmerizing...and Jay DeMarcus is equally talented on those strings and keys. And then there is Gary LeVox. What he can do with his voice....it is truly an instrument. Smooth. Perfectly pitched. And it just might make me dizzy. I told you...I'm sucked in!
Come on...step outside your box. Give country music a try...a listen...one toe tap. I promise, you do not have to start wearing cowboy boots and overalls. However, I do highly recommend the boots! xoxoxoxo y'all :) lisa

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