Top Ten or Twenty Things you never knew about me or maybe never wanted to know!

Top Ten or Twenty Things you never knew about me or maybe never wanted to know!
Utah. Creatives. New people. Travel.
This is my today.
I'm leaving for a conference in Utah...a place I've never been. To be with a bunch of creatives...people who will intimidate me. I don't know hardly any of I'm scared. And I have to leave home...again...and miss my daughters 10th that as major mommy guilt. {{sigh}}
So instead of a Favorite Things post, I thought it was a good time to let you know the real me, just a wee bit better. That way if any of my "new" friends decide to check me out, we will be straight forward right up front. No secrets. Nothing held back!
this is your warning to proceed at your own risk.
I listed the first Top Ten about a year and a half ago, so I'll humor you with a recap and then gift you 10 more pieces of useless information. You may laugh, you may roll your eyes, but it just might give you insight into who I really am. Sort of.
  1. I love coffee with my whole heart. However, I gave up caffeine in March, but I still drink decaf.
  2. I grew up in New Jersey in the 80's - nuff said.
  3. I am passionate about animals and considered being a veterinarian until I realized it was heavy on the science side of things! Science and I don't get along. {{shudder}}
  4. When I was little and didn't have anyone to play with, I would play Monopoly by myself - if you want to know how ask me. It was very systematic. And fair.
  5. I do not like having curly hair.
  6. I had a birth mark next to my nose. It was surgically removed when I was 14 so people would stop telling me I had a spot of chocolate milk on my face. :(
  7. I cannot speak in pig latin no matter how hard I try.
  8. I've had glasses since I was 4. But I spent a month in Greece NOT wearing them because I ripped my contacts and I was too vain to wear glasses near the "cute boy" in our group. Therefore causing my eyes to deteriorate. Now I can't see anything!
  9. I threw a javelin in college and was 3rd in the nation my junior year.
  10. I am scared of roller coasters.
  11. I've always been an artist - maker. When I was little my mind would create things WAY before I could figure out how to make them with my hands. Hmmm...that's still the way I work. Some things never change. :)
  12. I dream in full color and my dreams are extremely vivid, and often odd. If I talk to you during the day, chances are you will make it into my dream at night.
  13. I wear high heels to make me stand up straighter and feel more confident. But I'm 5'10" in real life, so I'm usually taller than everyone anyway!
  14. I adore tattoo's. I have 5 very meaningful ones. If I was younger, I would probably do a full sleeve on each of my arms. I don't look at them as rebellion. I see them as personal expression and art.
  15. I must have my toes painted at all times. Naked toes scare me.
  16. Which brings me to feet. I hate them. Do not touch me with yours. Remember # 9, I can throw a javelin.
  17. I know most of the words to every popular song in the 80's. Even if I haven't heard it in twenty years I can sing it...verbatim. Ask my children. They will roll their eyes and wholeheartedly agree.
  18. I am scared of the phone. It makes me physically ill to have to answer it. And then I sweat. This is why I never answer the phone.
  19. I really don't sweat, unless I'm nervous or it is extremely hot. Then I sweat a lot.
  20. I love getting into a really hot car in the summer. Probably because I don't sweat.
  21. and a bonus...just because. I have no pride. Clearly. See all of the above.
Off to my conference I go, with all that baggage out of the way. Whew, I feel better!
Now tell me something about you that I don't know! Come on, your secret is safe with me. Pinky swear!

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