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We eat dinner as a family. Most every night. Around the table. Six of us. Weird, I know.
It may seem odd in this day and age. But I value it. I cherish it. I protect it.
We talk, we laugh, we recap our day. Sometimes there is arguing and fighting. But there are six of us for pete's sake, what do you expect?
But we also like to listen to music while we eat. Again, six people, multiple personalities, multiple tastes in music. So guess who wins (usually)? ME!
I adore music, all sorts of music. My taste is incredibly eclectic and varied. I can listen to most of what my kids like...but at dinner...I don't want to compete with a sing along (think Adele), so I choose nice relaxing music that just softens the mood.
This is the same type of music I would play for any type of entertaining.
Oh, you want examples? I thought you would NEVER ask?
Why not give you a top ten, although these are not really in any order...just ten of my go-to's! And as you can see it's more of a top 11, counting schmouting....
  • Ama Credi E Vai by Andrea Bocelli (sexy and in a different language - no sing alongs!)
  • Secret Garden by songs from a Secret Garden (helps enable a peaceful atmosphere when tensions are high!)
  • A Day without Rain by Enya - hello beautiful music - it just works!
  • The Prettiest Thing by Norah Jones - or anything she opens her mouth to sing. LOVE her!
  • Let's Fall in Love by Diana Krall - encourages a bit of toe tapping and "scatting" shooby dooby doo
  • It had to be you - the Harry Connick, Jr. version - {swoon} have I mentioned I met Harry? Oh yeah, we're tight.
  • The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra - what's dinner without Frank, really?
  • Save the Last Dance for Me by Michael Buble - we ALL love Michael, so it sometimes does become a sing along...but it's all good.
  • Fire and Rain by James Taylor - since my husbands initials are also JT it always seems appropriate
  • Angel Eyes by Jim Brickman - I adore piano music, my hubby is pianist, but it really is kinda rude to make him play dinner music while we eat. Don't you agree?
  • Hymme a L'Amour by Josh Groban - that man could sing yellow submarine and it would sound good!
...and then there is Tony Bennett and Yanni Voices and the soundtrack from Neverland...yes, I could go on and on.
xoxoxooxoxxxox lisa

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