For the love of all things black and small and cyber and SUGAR!

Thanksgiving. It's the beginning of crazy to me. First it's black Friday. Then small business Saturday. Then cyber Monday. I mean for the love of all things festive do we have to name EVERYthing? Good grief people. In reality....all I am looking forward to is some good ole fashioned sugar on Thursday. Yeah, all the other stuff too. But SUGAR! I gave it up for the month of November. Am I crazy? Possibly. Has it been hard? Totally. Worth it? Most definitely. But I'm throwing all of that away on Thursday. Morning Turkey Trot 5k...then sugar. Lots-0-sugar. Fairly sure I'll be sick. Pretty sure I'm taking the risk. Anyway. The purpose of this blog post is to say I have given into the black small cyber peer pressure and I will be offering a stellar deal to my peeps. If we've been friends for will be familiar to you. Oh say...THAT deal! But....and yes, there is always a but...there must be SOME sort of caveat. You need to subscribe to my newsletter. Before you get all rolling of the eyes on me. Before you think I'm just trying to reel you in. Wait. Hush. Hear me out. Specials are only special if they feel special. If I offer "THE big deal" to everyone, it loses something. I want to be somewhat exclusive to those of you who stick around for my crazy antics. For those of you who have become friends of Studio Jewel. THAT is a big deal to me. So if you are already signed up. HIGH FIVE! minion high five, Studio Jewel newsletter sign up form If not. It's ok. You didn't know...right? Right? Here's a link ------> click here. I have this amazing new email service that I'm totally stoked about called Feedblitz. They have made my email...and my blog feed look pretty stellar. So...again...just sign up. Do it today. All the special specials will be sent out tomorrow and again on Thursday - just in case you need a break from Aunt Matilda - and that's that. And now excuse me....I have jewelry to make, runs to train for and sugar to prep my body to devour. xoxoxoxo, lisa

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