The top 5 reasons I need a dog in my life.

Basically you just need a dog. Ok, maybe you don't. But I need a dog. Or dog(s) plural.

If you love dogs at all. You get it.

1. Dogs just know.

Those spinning out of control days. You know the ones. No one's input it or advice is helping to settle anything AT ALL In fact you don't want a solution because there isn't one. And you don't really want to hug. Because sometimes hugs come with strings attached. And you don't want to cry. Because you spent all my time putting your makeup on this morning anyway. And then in walks your dog. She knows. He gets it. They rest their head on your leg. Or if they're tiny enough maybe they hop in your lap. Just a piece of unconditional love. But all in all they offer peaceful reassurance that you are loved.

5 reasons you need a dog - dogs help with depression

2. Dogs get you moving.

Because I have these two furry friends that need to be walked. I walk. Because Willow has endless puppy energy. I run. They need you to move so they can move. Excellent motivator.

5 reasons you need a dog - they make sure you get enough exercise

3. Depression.

Again. The unconditional love. For me...just the act of petting my dog I find very soothing and stabilizing.

5 reasons you need a dog - they are help you if you struggle with depression

4. Kids.

Dogs are great for kids. Fun to play with. Perfect for secrets. Extremely tolerant. And a friend to come home to.

5 reasons you need a dog - they are great for kids. extremely tolerant.

5. Being social.

Walking with my girls has helped me be better at being more social when I'm out and about. I mean who can resist an adorable golden retriever...especially a pair of them? People talk to me all the time. And guess what? I smile and talk back. Amazing how that works.

These are just the top 5 reasons I need a dog in my life. There are many more.

Today is my Willows 2nd birthday. She came into our lives at the perfect time and offered solace to me and big sister Selah. You can read about that here.

5 reasons you need a dog or two - they keep each other company

I know there is dog hair and puppy training and chewed things and vet bills and allergies and all the excuses you can come up with for why NOT to get a dog. But for me...the dogs are a gift. They give without asking for much. And they never diss you for their cell phone. Total and complete undivided attention. Where else can you get that today? :)

So happy second birthday sweet Willow. We love you with all of our hearts. Thank you for being a part of our family.

5 reasons you need a dog - they make great photography subjects


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