Completely Recycled Eco Friendly Ring

With the latest rush in popularity to being "green", I have contemplated how I could incorporate that into my jewelry. It is definitely a part of my life: I recycle, carry my own grocery sacks, reuse, reuse, reuse, and truly place value on the environment. But when it came to jewelry...I was stumped. One reason I struggled is the fact that most metal is recycled to begin with. So to say I've made a conscience effort to be "green" is really not fair. It needed to be more deliberate, more purposeful. recycled sterling silver ringThe result? Well, let me in on the process first. An item that is in high demand in my Etsy shop as well as the stores I supply jewelry to, are my bangles. They are a set of 5 different wires...soldered into a bangle...hand textured...then wrapped with a band of 14karat gold vermeil. The resulting piece always leaves me with a scraps of wire which I haven't been able to do anything with except send back as scrap to be recycled. I decided to melt down the small pieces o wire to create an organic "lump" of silver. I LOVED it! The texture, the shape, the sheer weight of it. Next I used the heaviest wire to create a simple band. Bent, soldered, textured...viola'! The mass of silver is attached to the band and there you have "green" ring! I'm actually very excited because it allows me to reuse and recycle and have something tangible as a result! I would love your input and feedback. Too simple? Too basic? Too ugly? Just fabulous? Where can I get one? Ya know...the basics. update 2021. This ring is no longer available, however all my designs now use recycled metal and conflict free stones!

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