Happy Anniversary to my parents ... 60 years

Happy Anniversary to my parents ... 60 years
Today is my parents 60th wedding anniversary.
Five children. Sixteen grandchildren. Three great grandchildren.
mom and dad 2011
Sixty years is a quite the milestone. Many can only dream of being stuck, I mean blissfully attached, to another human being for so long! They have modeled grace, and stamina, forgiveness and love, and the true reality of learning to ebb and flow through the trials of life, while continuing to rest on the arms of Jesus.
They have taught all of us to serve Him first, and love Him wholeheartedly. They have loved each one of us and adopted our spouses as their own. They adore their grandchildren, and are smitten with THEIR great grandchildren. What an amazing legacy.A year ago my dad asked me to make him a new wedding band, which he wears proudly everyday. That is a huge honor to me. Huge.
Men's Sterling Silver wedding bandSo today I just want to wish them the very best. Mom and dad, I pray God continues to shine His face upon you for many more years together!
Happy Anniversary!
I Love YOU, lisa

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