When Jewelry Tells a Story

When Jewelry Tells a Story
Ever since I began making jewelry it became exceeding clear to me that each piece had a story.
In some, the story was intentional...I planted the seeds, I encouraged it. I watched it grow.In others, the stories evolved on their own, woven in the metal and stones. And then there are your stories. The stories that are created when a piece of my jewelry becomes your own. It has its own journey. Its own path.
Those are my favorites. My Hebrew ring, has my story. But the many stories you have told me about WHY you choose to purchase that ring have made that ring even more precious to me. Hebrew Ring child of GodA mother's necklace. It has an obvious path, but each one is unique to the wearer and with that uniqueness comes a story.
Mom Necklace The Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet has my story of WHY I created it....but for each woman who purchases it, she has HER story of why she wants to wear it. Priceless.
Breast Cancer Awareness BraceletA love token...the journey they take I will never know...but imagining it gives me such a thrill! This one is for a groom on their wedding day - SO sweet! Love Token for the Groom
What about a monogram necklace. I've made this design as an anniversary gift. As a girlfriend gift. Again, just imagine the story behind the "gifting"! monogram anniversary necklace
A poetry bracelet. Each quote unique, hand chosen. I smile when I stamp them!
Copper poetry bracelet
The Marry Me rings, an alternative engagement ring set. I've already heard so many stories...of how and when. Of why they chose these rings. Love. marry me ringsMost recently I created these rings for a friend. To me, they were just rings. To her, there is an intrinsic story waiting to be told. And she tells it...beautifully. stacking ringsJewelry. It has a story. It has meaning. I love that. Sometimes I "wonder" at what stories a piece of my jewelry may carry to the next generation. Is that too bold? Am I thinking to highly of my own creations? I hope not. I do hope the stories carry on from mother to daughter. From friend to friend. At the very least I allow that dream to carry me as I create. It helps fuel the process. It keeps me "wondering". What's your story? Does a piece of my jewelry speak to you? Even if it just says "buy me". LOL. Tell me. you are loved! xoxoxo, lisa

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