Refugee Families how we can help them reunite

Refugee Families how we can help them reunite
I am an empath. I feel. I love hard. And I am very passionate about a few things. One of those. Children. One most of us can relate to. And I for one am torn to the core thinking of so many refugee children ripped from their parent's arms and not being able to have an ounce of hope on how to find them again. I can't even imagine. My heart hurts. But feeling isn't enough. I often feel helpless. Too small to make a difference. I think. Jewelry. Yippee. I make jewelry. How can that help? But then. You surprise me. Every. Single. Time. Cancer research. Compassion International. Arbor Day Foundation. Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Harvey. I design. You step up. So why not now? I have a necklace I designed several years ago. It's called Better Together. It was designed to show that two is better than one. Whether that be friendships, relationships...whatever! Two sterling silver circles. Each hand-formed and textured. Separate. Yet. Together. help for refugee immigrant families and their children And then I thought. What if? In this case. It focused on US. WE. As a people. Working together. To help these refugee children. These families. The design is already there. Change the focus. And BOOM! I'm a fan of the author Glennon Doyle. She started something called Together Rising. I like this. Why? Because they are doing the research and not just giving money to one organization. They are giving it where it is most needed right now. And keeping everyone updated via the website. You can absolutely give directly to the project. And if that is what you want to do, I encourage that. But for the rest of the summer, for each Better Together necklace sold, I will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Together Rising. You may ask, why not just direct everyone to her site to donate? Here's my why. I think sometimes we need a physical reminder. Something to touch and see to keep us connected. Maybe. Just maybe. That little necklace might remind of those refugee children. Of those families. Thoughts and prayers are nice. But not enough. Let's do something. Together. Because truly we really are better together! xoxoxo, lisa

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